10 Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar

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Sugar is such a sweet product. It elevates your mood, entertains your taste buds, and makes you very energetic (for a short period of time). However, we have been hearing recently a lot about how sugar completely damages your body and your mind.

All of us can have high blood sugar levels, not just diabetics. High blood sugar levels not only have adverse effects on the body but in the long run cause **damage to the blood vessels, organs, and nerves in the body. **Book an appointment with a doctor now to find out.

Are you always hungry?

Your body requires food to survive but not as much as we think. If you just ate and even had dessert, then feel hungry, chances are you are eating too much sugar. Glucose needs to naturally enter cells to make you feel energy. When you have high blood sugar, it prevents glucose from entering and keeps asking your body for more and more food.

Are you always tired?

As you’re waking up from sleep, you should feel refreshed. However, sometimes you wake up and you still feel tired, or just feel too tired to even wake up. This could be another sign that you’re eating too much sugar. Glucose can’t enter the cell when you have high blood sugar levels, which can hinder the storage and absorption of glucose. Your energy will be taken from already stored glucose making it inefficient.

Are you going to the bathroom a lot?

This is all about your kidneys. When your blood sugar levels are high, your kidneys struggle to absorb fluids. This is a problem due to the fact that your body works to equalize your glucose level concentration, which starts to dissolve blood with intercellular fluid. Therefore, without the fluid getting into your kidneys, your glucose levels will become normal and resulting in frequent urination.

Is your mouth always dry or feel very thirsty?

When you’re losing fluids, your mouth dries up and leaves you feeling thirsty. Hypothalamus, which causes thirst, sends a corresponding signal to the nerves. It is better to drink water or tea instead of choosing to not drink when feeling thirsty.

Are you losing a lot of weight?

Losing weight in a short period of time is never healthy, high glucose levels can cause this even when you’re consuming lots of calories. Fat in your body will be burnt faster if insulin levels in your body are insufficient for your glucose metabolism. The body will start working on getting rid of the excess glucose and the best way to do so is to urinate. This also leads to more loss of fluids.

losing lots of weight due to too much sugar

Are you suffering from more infections?

Bet you didn’t know that infections are directly related to sugar?! Although infections can happen to anyone and from anything, high blood sugar and diabetes cause more infections directed in the urinary tract and lower abdomen. Statistically, this happens more in women. High amounts of sugar create a favorable environment for yeasts and bacteria growth.

Are you suffering from dry skin?

Dehydration from excessive urination can be so severe that it dries your skin. Skin issues, especially those to the legs, are a sign of poor blood circulation, as well as narrowing of the arteries. This can lead to a serious issue concerning the disruption of the normal function of the sweat glands, through damaged nerves.

Are you struggling to focus or concentrate?

Again, high blood sugar levels prevent s glucose from entering the brain cells. This of course will leave you feeling a little out of focus. This happens because your brain is unable to obtain energy, which affects your decision making and concentrated thinking.

Are you seeing in blurry vision?

Dehydration again can cause blurred vision and lack of focus. Dehydration of this kind can be due to the effects of high blood sugar levels. Your eye cells deform and you lose the ability to focus them properly.

skin irritation dry skin due to too much sugar

Are you bruising easy or are some wounds not healing quickly?

High blood sugar can cause vascular damage to your entire body. One aspect that gets affected is your body’s ability to heal itself. This damage caused by high blood sugar also leads to poor blood circulation in limbs and tissues. If you are suffering from this call a doctor immediately!

If you are suffering from multiple of these at the same time, then chances are that you are consuming too much sugar. Book an appointment with an endocrinologist today to find out.

Here are some bonus tips about some foods to avoid or food to cut off:

  • Creamy desserts
  • Soft drinks
  • Sugary snacks, like candy and chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Muffins

With that being said, enjoy sugar in moderate amounts to s

10 Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar
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