Dr. Ghassan Allouni: Excellence in Orthodontics in Qatar

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Professional and calm, Dr. Ghassan Allouni of Dr. Mohamed Amine Zbeib Polyclinic was destined to become an orthodontic dentist in Qatar. Starting off wanting to be a doctor. However, fate had played its cards and he ended up really embracing his new-found career.

I like dentistry, it’s interesting. Every person needs a profession and I always liked researching and studying and was always someone who pursued what was available to me and it works well,” said Dr. Allouni.

Specializing in orthodontics, Dr. Allouni always looked for new innovative ways to do his job. “What I like most is the cosmetic side of dentistry. When I fix someone’s teeth, it helps give them some confidence in their character. I always thought that teeth are the first impression that you get from someone when you first meet them. They pretty much give you a window into the person you are talking to. Beauty comes from the smile and this is my focus,” he said.

With 20+ years’ experience under his belt, Dr. Allouni remembered when he graduated and became an official dentist. “I was happy that I finished my studies but also I was afraid of what this new job life is going to be like, having a job life is nothing like the life of a student,” he described.

The Syrian dentist has been in Qatar since 2013 and has truly appreciated the country and its significant growth recently. Dr. Allouni loves to read and spend time with his family and especially his children. He said that so far, they don’t seem interested in dentistry, although they constantly want to join their father on his daily schedule.

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Fear of dentists is a real issue and just like all dentists, Dr. Allouni is fully aware of it. “You have to visit your dentists regularly, and put aside your fears,” he said. When asked about children, the reading dentist said that he tries everything he can to make the child feel at ease before starting on treatment.

“Well first of all, I greet them with a smile so that they can feel safe and then I start asking about school and what they like. After that I put them on the chair and make it go up and down so they feel like it’s a ride or game. I then show them some of the equipment so they know what it is and what it is. I try to make the first visit very pleasant so that the child would like to come back to the dentist.” – Dr. Ghassan Allouni.

Braces being one of the most requested treatments due to changes in diet and lifestyle, Dr. Allouni says that working with orthodontics is fun and he hasn’t gotten a case that was completely hopeless or required more than the simple procedure.

Back in Syria, Dr. Allouni owned and operated his own dental clinic from 1999 to 2013. His patients, as he describes them, were beyond loyal and really encouraged him to strive for more. However, when the current political upheaval happened, there were no options except survival.

Settling in Doha and at Dr. Mohamed Amine Zbeib Polyclinic, Dr. Allouni is one of the top-rated doctors in the region, so why not book your next check up with him?

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Dr. Ghassan Allouni: Excellence in Orthodontics in Qatar
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