Eating Eggs Protects You From Heart Disease

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Throughout history, we have known that many foods that we take for granted have benefits beyond our understanding and comprehension. This time, that food is eggs.

Though many know and reap the benefits of eggs on a daily basis, **most of us associate it with being a breakfast food or in popularity with crash diets, body builders, and health junkies. **

But eggs have much more to offer than the known health benefits. It is said that eggs are the best source of high quality protein that you simply can’t get in a small portion of any other food containing protein. They are also a great source of vitamin, especially vitamin B12, vitamin A, and selenium which help you maintain a healthy immune system.

Eggs contain iron, which helps in creating red blood cells and assisting in healthy blood flow and no blockages. Healthy fat is also stored within eggs giving you energy throughout the day!

vitamin A benefit of eggs for health

Here are some new ways to help you appreciate those sunny side ups every morning:

Lowers risk of cancer

Eggs have many nutrients including Amino Acids, minerals, and vitamins that help protect the immune system and keep it healthy. Along with that, the mix of these ingredients have cancer-preventive properties that lower your chances of cancer.

Slowing down aging process

Obviously, food that helps grow muscles like this high-protein food, help sustain tight skin. This obviously gives you a more youthful complexion. The antioxidants found in the yellow organic pigments in the yolk of the egg can help slow down the aging process even more when consumed.

Helps you lose weight faster

High protein nutrients help you with losing weight. The fact that eggs have a glycemic index of 0, they will make you feel full faster, as well as help you shed those extra pounds. The antioxidant in the yolk can work to cleans the body and help maintain the anti-aging speed that it is on.

Lowering risk of heart disease

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to maintaining heart health. Making sure that you have your regular daily dose also ensures that you are protected from various other disease like high cholesterol, risk of certain cancers. The iron in eggs also helps to regulate healthy blood flow as mentioned earlier.

hair treatment questions to ask about hair loss eggs and oil

Great for skin and hair

Almost all great home remedies for hair loss, hair shine, and radiance in skin contain some aspect of eggs and has long proven to work perfectly. Check out a hair loss article with that exact ingredient here!

Lower risk of birth defects

Vitamin B-9, or what is known as folic acid in the body, is found in eggs. This is especially great for expectant mothers as it protects the unborn baby from damage to the central nervous system.

Protection for your eyes

When we grow older, our vision tends to falter if it is not taken care of. Vitamin A, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, found in eggs help the eye with light and dark vision, colour vision and day time vision. These nutrients also work on protecting the eye from free radicals.

Bone health

Eggs contain vitamin D and are high in calcium. These nutrients are very important for healthy teeth and bones. Eggs can also prevent the spread of arthritis, and can help you maintain healthy, balanced levels of bone density throughout your body.

Brain health

Your brain transmits stimuli, which come from a nutrient called choline found in eggs mostly. Your brain and nervous system require this nutrient to keep things up there healthy and clean. Eggs also provide you with lots of good fat that helps you stay alert and energetic all day without having a sugar crash.

Control diabetes

As mentioned earlier, eggs have a glycemic index of 0 and has many nutrients to help maintain a healthy immune and digestive system, which are great pluses when dealing with

Eating Eggs Protects You From Heart Disease
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