Al Wehda Medical Group: Number 1 in Qatar for All Your Medical Needs

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With 6 branches stretching across Qatar, Al Wehda Medical Group may have caught your attention at some point. With their strategic locations and their qualified doctors, it seems likely they will continue to expand in Qatar’s private sector.

We spoke with Al Wehda Group’s CEO, Dr. Fadi Murad, who told us all about how the clinic rose in popularity throughout the country.

Al-Wehda Medical Group's CEO

Dr. Murad said, Al Wehda started off with dental services, and as time passed, we added more services. Our main branch is located in Al Hilal, which has dental services. After more than a year, we opened more branches in Abu Hamour, Al Rayyan, Duhail, and Al Waab. Because of high demand for dental services in Al Hilal branch, dental was removed from this branch to a separate branch right across the road (D-Ring branch).”

In terms of services, Al Wehda Medical Group offers the following with 2 partners:

“We are a group of 6 branches, with nearly 40 qualified doctors, and around 170 staff members. We are working towards having a complete service medical center.”Dr. Fadi Murad.

An all-inclusive service that will make your life easier! The doctors from Al Wehda Medical Group come from all over the world, qualified in various treatments and procedures and have been practicing for years prior to coming to Qatar.

Al-Wehda Medical Group

As for Dental Services, Al Wehda offers everything you can think of:

  • A multitude of general practitioners in dentistry for infection control
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Exclusive Studio for GlamSmile in Qatar
  • All kinds of orthodontic treatment
  • Prosthodontic dentistry
  • The latest laser technologies and treatments
  • Denture creation and veneers
  • Dental whitening technologies
  • Panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D X-Ray

“Each person would choose what they want from the treatment, they will all aim to align their teeth better. For example, invisalign, it is invisible, light, removable, your teeth will not get cavities because you are able to brush whenever you need to. We would scan your teeth and your jawline, then we would send this scan to the Invisalign designers and they will produce the final product,” said Dr. Murad.

Although the different branches of Al Wehda spread across nicely in the country, their love for improving health and specifically your smile is their number one priority. Their Hollywood smile collection is impressive, as Al Wehda has an exclusive studio for GlamSmile and the Hollywood Smile Veneers in Qatar.

al wehda dentists in qatar

That’s not all, Al Wehda dentists have various orthodontic qualifications up their sleeve, among them are:

  • Metalic brackets orthodontics
  • Colored braces
  • Invisalign
  • Damon System
  • Incognito Brackets
  • Insignia orthodontics
  • Diamond treatments

**All these treatments cost you less pain, less time in treatment, less visits, and more options.  **

Al-Wehda Medical Group

Obviously continuing on with Al Wehda Group’s beauty and cosmetic excellence in care, their dermatology and laser department has an array of top notch treatments that patients recommend highly including:

Al-Wehda Medical Group
Al Wehda Medical Group: Number 1 in Qatar for All Your Medical Needs
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