How to Make Self-Love a Daily Habit

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As harsh as it sounds, we’re in a world where the most commonly used word on the internet is ‘hate’ and that explains a lot about our emotional needs. We don’t ‘dislike’ things, we simply go on to hating them and whilst that is fine when we’re talking about the non-living, it is too much for our own selves. A wise hakeem once said, “What you feel on the inside is what will appear on the outside.” If you’re relaxed, at peace and deal well with stress, chances are that you’ll age like fine wine, prevent diseases, and lead a happy life.

Here are Hakeem’s top tips to help you love yourself a little more:

1.      Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes, we can get lost and confused and it is only natural. It could be because of family, school, work, or any phase in life. Such stances of being lost can take a toll on our health and make us feel low and gloomy. At times, it can go away on its own but most of the time it can worsen or spread. Whatever that you have going on which makes you feel overwhelmed and petrifies you, can be dealt with. You might not have a solution, or the one you have might be clouded, but a professional can help you through it. Don’t lose yourself. Your mental health matters.

2.      Pamper yourself

2020 is the year of new changes, and a new you. We live in a time where you can literally be anyone you want to. Even though we are all perfect with our imperfections, there is no harm in enhancing our beauty through cosmetic procedures to look our best. Whether it be a hydrafacial to help you achieve radiant and glowing skin, or a lip-filler to go well with your pearly whites, invest in yourself.

3.      Build meaningful relationships

You’re not bound to a person and you’re certainly not answerable to those negative feelings and thoughts building inside you. Learn to let go of toxic relationships. And sometimes, we need to work on relationships. There’s a saying which basically means that if you have a nail infection, you cut your nail, not your finger. So, if communication isn’t helping, opt for counseling.

A woman writing 'love yourself' in her journal.
A survey suggests that successful people know the art of saying no.

4.      Respect your body

Your body is a temple and you cannot make it indulge in food and activities that slowly poison it. Start with exercising thirty minutes a day, even if it is brisk walking. If you feel that your joints and knees are keeping you from having an active lifestyle, consult a physiotherapist to get in your best shape. Moreover, you are what you eat. Get a personalized meal plan made by a nutritionist to serve your body’s unique needs.

5.      Know that it’ll all be alright

If you’re not happy, it’s not the end. Everyone gets a happy ending when they strive for their well-being. That pimple will go away, your head will be full of hair some weeks from now and that baby inside you will grow into a healthy being. Trust the specialists around you to give you the life you deserve.

6.      Sleep it off

Sleep is important – it’s your body’s way of resetting itself and getting geared up for the next day. It helps calm your nerves, regulates the blood flow, reduces inflammation, makes you smarter and even helps you lose weight! The benefits of sleep are endless. If you feel difficulty in drifting off to slumber or suffer from insomnia, know it the condition is treatable. There’s nothing more precious than sleep!

African woman sleeping peacefully.
A healthy sleep = a healthy you!

There’s not enough love in this world and in order to love someone else, you have to love yourself first.


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How to Make Self-Love a Daily Habit
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