How to Lead a Better, Healthier and Happier Life.

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We aren’t selling a product and we’re certainly not selling services. Howsoever, we are selling tips, tricks, and hacks for good health and that too, for free. You see, we’re dedicated to saving lives by bettering the lifestyle of the individuals and in today’s holiday special, we’re going to share some interesting insights which when practiced, will give you astonishing results.

1.      Your health is everything.

You might have heard this before but we’re going to explain why a fit, healthy body is important. Invest in your body so that it doesn’t turn on you when you’re aging. Give it the fuel it deserves, exercise regularly to release endorphins – a hormone in charge of happiness, and understand when your body is trying to tell you something. What you eat now, is what will show later. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a size zero, in fact, you never have to be. You just have to provide the body with the right nutrition.

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2.      Sleep is very, very important.

That work can be done later and that party can be missed. Your body is a machine and overusing it, will hinder its ability to work effectively and efficiently. Sleep regulates the body’s system, adds radiance to your skin, helps you be more productive and relaxes your muscles. Sleeping disorders can also cause depression.

Girl sleeping whilst studying.
Your body needs its rest!

3.      You should have health insurance.

It is expensive but the cost of occasional accidents, climatic diseases, and uncalled for sicknesses that you’ll pay out of your pocket will be much more costly than the health insurance you’re hesitant about. You may even think that ‘hey, I don’t fall sick. I’m healthy.’ But here’s the thing, you might be fit now, but you shouldn’t be risking your and your family’s future based on a happy present. Here are some reasons you should get health insurance:

·         Medical emergencies can put you in a debt.

·         With insurance, you can stay care-free and easily get the minor issues checked before they turn into bigger and costlier ones.

·         You can choose your plans according to your needs. There’s a plan for everyone.

·         You’ll have the peace of mind you deserve.

4.      You can treat yourself to beauty enhancement procedures.

It’s 2019 and you can literally look like your favorite person. Gone are the days when surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments were only for injuries. Lip fillers, liposuction, nose job – you can go for it all. We sincerely believe that you’re beautiful inside out, but we live in a time where your wildest fantasies can be fulfilled by the professionals so hey- why not go for it?

5.      You need to learn how to let go.

Life is too short and valuable to be wasted worrying about a specific someone. If you’re feeling stressed and down, chances are that these feelings will branch into other problems and have a toll on your health. You can learn how to filter the toxicity out of your life, here.

6.      Stop believing in myths.

Dentists aren’t scary and brushing your teeth aggressively won’t make the cavity pain go away. It’s high time you learned the truth about these commonly believed myths and make your life a tad bit easier.

7.      Don’t let back pain get the better of you.

Back pain is the most commonly ignored pain. People think that it’ll go away on its own and sometimes it does too, but other times, it stays, worsens and even spreads. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the tips to get rid of that stubborn ache.

8.      Sexual disorders are nothing to be ashamed about.

We’re humans and just like the other imperfections in a relationship, sexual disorders are not the person’s fault. In fact, they can emotionally and physically destroy the person. It is important to educate yourself about them, get them treated and support your partner in the hard times. Read: Future Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Upset man sitting on a bed.
Your partner needs your understanding the most.

9.      Everything impacts everything.

If you’re anxious, you start to sweat. If you’re happy, you feel like you’ve just been given a warm hug. If you exercise, your body tones up. Similarly, what you eat can help you get pregnant.

10.  Bad breath can be prevented.

Yes, the toothpaste can help and so can the mouth freshener but the root cause for the embarrassing issue might be something only a dental hygienist can diagnose. Here’s how you can prevent bad breath and lead a normal life without worrying about opening your mouth.

11.  Your mental health matters more than your job.

Stop ruining your personal life because of your work life. More importantly, stop torturing yourself because of the incidents that occur at work. Here’s how you can deal with them in an effective manner.

12.  Glasses help but so does food.

If you’ve got weak eyesight and you think that it’s permanent, think again. Yes, an eye laser can rid you of the glasses, but having edibles good for your eyes, can prevent many eye disorders and better your overall vision.

13.  If you don’t know about it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

The world is a mysterious place and nestled in it are people battling diseases so rare, that there’s no cure to some of them. Be thankful and don’t miss your daily checkups. Read: Rare Diseases You Didn't Know Existed.

14.  Pregnancy can be made easy.

Having a bun in the oven is no easy task but your nine months can pass by smoothly if you read these hacks for mothers-to-be.

Pregnant African woman reading in bed.
It's time to make the most out of this beautiful time!

15.  Your child’s mental wellness matters too.

We give our child milk before sleeping or at breakfast. We make sure that the clothes he wears are warm and the food he eats is healthy. In the same manner, we should be concerned about the child’s psychological development and the factors which can hinder it in this technological savvy era. Click here to learn about something that most parents don’t know about!

Now that you know these fifteen golden tips, it’s time to incorporate them in your life next year, which by the way is just some days away!


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How to Lead a Better, Healthier and Happier Life.
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