What Kind of Braces Work Best for You?

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Technology has paved the way for more and more options for beauty and to achieve medical advancement in the fastest ways possible. In recent years, we went from using natural ingredients to infusing them in technologies, to producing versions of it for increased consumption. How amazing is technology?

Did your dentist tell you recently that you needed braces? Look no further, because the best dental clinics in Doha are here to help you choose the right braces for you!

Why Would I Need Braces?

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There are multiple reasons why you would need braces. Most dentists or specialized orthodontists in Qatar say that the ideal time is between the age of 10 to 15 years, as this is the time when the body is still growing and forming, where alignments and adjustments can be made.

Other reasons you would need braces are:

  • Crowding of your teeth
  • You have an overbite
  • You have a crossbite
  • You have an underbite
  • You have an openbite

(for more about these watch out for Tuesday’s blog post about the different types of problems solved by orthodontics)

Technological advancements have made options available to us these days for orthodontics. It is not just the old metal braces, now we have different ways to align our teeth. **Here are some of the most popular orthodontic treatments: Ask your dentist about these! **

Traditional Braces

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These have been around for a while. However, they also went through some revamping to keep up with the new innovative types of orthodontics. They are the most noticeable of all the types of braces. However, these are the least expensive type. When they first came to be used, they were called the notorious “metal-mouth” braces, but the new ones have smaller brackets, more colorful bands for children to express themselves, and are now using your body heat to help move your teeth quicker and with less pain using a heat-activated archwire.

Ceramic Braces

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These little brackets are the same size and shape as the traditional braces, but they are clear colored or tooth colored. This makes them blend in with the teeth. Some can have a clear wire as well to make it blend in even further. However, they are more expensive than the traditional braces, and can collect more food residue and stains if not properly cleaned. (read more about the best ways to clean your braces next week)

6 Common Dental Myths

Lingual Braces

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This type of braces is essentially the same as the traditional brackets except that they are on the inside of the teeth. They are almost entirely invisible from the outer side of the teeth. However, they are very hard to clean, are more expensive and can be considered not appropriate for some cases. They are pretty uncomfortable at first and the regular tightening required takes longer than just changing the bands on the traditional brackets.

Invisalign Braces

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Invisalign in Qatar is custom made. This type of orthodontic treatment is essentially a custom-made clear plastic aligner that works to align your teeth without the need to stick any metal in your mouth. They are removable which means that the patient can eat whatever they want, and not worry about the consequences of eating gum or sticky food that will get into the brackets and wire. However, like every other type, it has its pitfalls, it is way more expensive than regular orthodontics, it is not available for children, and it can take longer for the

What Kind of Braces Work Best for You?
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