Are You Getting Your Dental Checkup? The Importance of Healthy Teeth

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A smile can be the source of life, radiance, and confidence. It is only natural that we need to protect it in any way we can think of. But, how important is maintaining healthy teeth?

More and more doctors are recommending a complete oral checkup saying that it is not a luxury, but a necessity that all of us need to abide by.

A routine dental checkup procedure takes all of an hour or maybe even less. A scaling and polishing procedure is also recommended every 6 months as that can help dentists in Qatar catch any diseases associated with teeth, gums, or tongue.

We know that dental procedures in Qatar are not cheap, but considering the pain felt throughout your body from a simple tooth ache, it appears worth it to visit the best dental clinics in Doha every now and then to ensure your oral health.

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According to Meddy’s top rated dentist, Dr. Nizar Kharma, “skipping checkups is likely to leave many hidden dental conditions undiagnosed. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of pain and other complications in the future.”

**Not having regular cleaning sessions could potentially increase the chance of gum disease, and the loss of bone tissues around the teeth. **

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So, why are they so important?

Dental checkups can help you understand where pain is coming from. This then can help you maintain good oral hygiene and focus on the area where you are more likely to get decay in. Tooth ache may lead to severe pain that becomes inflicted in your body, it can cause lack of sleep and headaches that will not go away with your average pain medication.

Tartar buildup is only one of the causes of decay. However, encountering it on a daily basis on your teeth may mean that you are not taking care of the cleaning properly. Dentists will remove or de-scale these buildups to give you clean and natural looking teeth without decay.

If decay or gum disease are neglected for a long period of time, then loss of teeth becomes an issue. Without these choppers, you are unable to consume your favorite food, and in extreme cases not be able to talk. Neglect can lead to the removal of teeth due to the destruction of the bone carrying the tooth.

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Life threatening diseases like cancer and AIDS can actually be recognized orally. Getting a regular checkup ensures that your dentist catches these at an early stage before they become life threatening to you. “In addition, numerous medical conditions can be diagnosed through their oral manifestations, thereby helping to identify the medical problem early on and improving its prognosis. Examples of orally recognizable medical conditions include AIDS HIV, Leukemia, Crohn’s disease and many others,” said Dr. Kharma.

Another reason why checkups are so important is the simple knowledge and awareness that the patient receives when visiting a dentist. You are automatically more aware of what you consume, what you use for brushing and cleaning your teeth, and what are the things to avoid for your oral health. Slowly, but surely, you start feeling that your over-all health is improving just from understanding your mouth!

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Are You Getting Your Dental Checkup? The Importance of Healthy Teeth
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