Top 3 Doctors for Hair Loss in Qatar

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Understanding that you are suffering from hair loss can be overwhelming. However, Meddy is here to help you find the best doctors that will explain the confusing conditions and treatments to make it easier for you to understand and prevent future hair loss. Here are the top doctors for hair loss:

Read more about the causes of hair loss and when it mostly occurs to further explain your condition to your doctor. If you’re still not sure about seeing a doctor and want to attempt some natural hair loss treatments, then check out this series’: hair growth, easy treatments, and surgical alternative treatments, including the latest technology.

There are 3 types of doctors you need to see when suffering from hair loss

Hair Specialist

A hair specialist will diagnose most of your hair-related issues just by examining the outer layer of your skin, and your hair follicles. They will help you understand the growth cycle of hair and where your hair is falling short.

dr. iman al haj plastic surgeon in qatar
  1. Dr. Iman Al Haj: NeoGraft certified plastic surgeon with extensive work on hair loss and restoration. USA certified plastic surgeon and dermatology specialisation in hair restoration and transplant.

Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon will examine all the ways that they can help to address your beauty and enhance your self-confidence.

plastic surgeon doctors for hair loss in qatar

  1. Dr. A. Lahlali: Trained in Belgium, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, and the surgical Facilities Resource Inspector, has vast experience in improving appearance and enhancing self-acceptance.
  2. Dr. Boussaina Darwich: a prominent member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, with deep knowledge in the art of restoration of skin and botox.


A dermatologist will address most of your skin related issues. All 3 layers of your skin require extensive care and this is where your dermatologist comes in. However, when it comes to hair, dermatologists are almost always required to exclude serious skin-related diseases as causes for hair loss.

dermatologist in qatar
  1. Dr. Shireen Khalil: specialising in everything related to the skin including eczema and acne, with a medical degree from the University of Aleppo.
  2. Dr. Raed Alsmadi: top rated dermatologist in Qatar and a member of the Jordanian Society of Dermatology and Venereology, dealing for years with hair loss in all its forms.
  3. Dr. Maysam Ramadan: With a bachelors’ degree in Medicine and Surgery from Al Baath University in Syria, and extensive knowledge about skin related issues.
  4. Dr. Seba Al Doush: The Arab Board of Medical Specialisation certificate recipient and the top dermatologist in Al Wehda Medical Group, has the best advice on skin related issues to help patients.


An internist is an internal medicine doctor, who should be the patient’s first visit. Although different from General Doctors, internists understand the human function better especially with their extensive knowledge in internal organs and how they function properly. They are able to detect and manage different chronic and emergency diseases that may occur. Read more about internists here!

doctors for hair loss in qatar internal medicine doctor
  1. Dr. Mohammed Asha: With impressive credentials from the United Kingdom and Jordan, this doctor is able to identify and treat many diseases he encounters.
  2. Dr. Mohamad Zbeib: Living in Qatar for a long time gives a doctor great authority with qualifications. As well as credentials from Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom.
  3. Dr. Tarek Mansour: A member of the Allergy Society of Egypt, this internist has great qualifications to understanding root causes to some of diseases.

Of course when you’re suffering from hair loss you already have a lot on your mind, but finding the best doctor to help you to figure out the right treatment is no longer an issue.

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Top 3 Doctors for Hair Loss in Qatar
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