7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Today About Hair Loss

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Struggling with hair loss? We’ve all been there! Meddy is here to help you with the top questions to ask your doctor about hair loss. You can read more about hair loss in the series published last week here!

Why is my hair falling? What is causing hair to fall?

This may be a given, but lots of patients forget to ask about the actual causes of their condition. Whether this will help to avoid the problem or take a different approach of treatment, it is always good to know the causes before attempting the solutions.

Are there other possible causes for my symptoms?

After the doctor tells you the main cause, you should ask him/her about other issues that might cause hair loss. Sometimes it is not just a physical or emotional issue, it could be affected by the environment as well. Here is an article about some of the causes and symptoms that might cause your beautiful hair to fall!

Is my hair going to grow back when I treat these symptoms?

We don’t always know and can guarantee that the treatments would work after receiving it. It would be a great question to ask your doctor that the treatment not only works to halt hair loss, but also that it helps in making it grow again. Prevention is the best form of treatment.

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What do I need to do to start treating my hair?

Lots of treatments require prerequisite conditions to work effectively, asking your doctor about how to prepare for treatment would help you understand how long the how much effort you need to put in for your treatment to be a great success. This also shows your doctor that you are taking initiative and is helping make the treatment process easier for both yourself and your doctor.

Is there anything that I need to avoid or restrict when it comes to treating my hair?

Receiving treatment for anything requires you to watch your daily lifestyle closely, including your diet, physical movement, and emotional condition. So it is natural that you should ask about what to avoid in order to not hinder the treatment. Sometimes you don’t need to avoid or restrict anything at all, but it is better to know and be safe than to be sorry that you didn’t remember to ask.

Should I see a specialist?

All of us should ask this when we see any doctor, more so when it comes to beauty issues or skin issues. Most GPs would have basic knowledge about complicated skin issues, so you need to make sure you get an expert opinion on this matter, especially for topical medicines. Getting multiple expert opinions can also be a great way to understand your condition. This is not to say that the expert doctor you trust is wrong or not experienced enough, but some doctors have better techniques and technologies to detect different conditions.

What will that cost, and will my insurance cover seeing a specialist?

Understanding pricing and cost is very important. Although misconceptions of “the more expensive the better” is instilled in a lot of patients. However, this may not be true. You may not need the expensive treatment because the simple treatment is what works for your condition. Take different opinions and do your own research to further understand how much you should pay for treatment from specialists.

Insurance is also very important, some of us may not be able to afford some treatments, and knowing that the clinic or doctor accepts your insurance could possibly save your money. Ask about insurance before booking your appointment to avoid any uncomfortable encounters. This will also help you decide on how to pay for the treatment and the aftercare.

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7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Today About Hair Loss
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