Top 10 Gastroenterologists in Dubai

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A sub-specialty of internal medicine, gastroenterology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the esophagus, small intestine, colon, stomach and biliary system (liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts). To sum it up, gastroenterologists cure disorders related to the digestive system.

Signs you need to see a gastroenterologist:

·         Rectal bleeding

·         Leakage from private parts

·         Painful bowel movements

·         Diarrhea

·         Pale-colored stools

·         Dark urine

·         Bloating

·         Heartburn

·         Vomiting

·         Excessive gas

·         Lethargy

·         Loss of appetite

If you have one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms and you’re in search of a good gastroenterologist, fret no more. This list includes the top 10 gastroenterologists of Dubai who can be booked online with ease:

1.      Dr. Shareej. S

Known to address all issues and leave the patient in comfort, Dr. Shareej has fifteen years of experience in gastroenterology.

2.      Dr. Wael Dahhan

A member of prestigious societies and academies, Dr. Wael is a consultant whose treatments range from acid reflux and colonoscopy to hemorrhoids and liver diseases.

3.      Dr. Mohammad Aldashan

Dr. Mohammad has a promising educational background from over three countries and this exposure has made him shine in his field. Cherry on top, he's certified by the German board!

4.      Dr. Sakina Farhat

Recommended by many, Dr. Sakina is known to improve the patient’s symptoms in a short period.

5.      Dr. Regina Will

With multiple affiliations across the globe, multilingual Dr. Regina is a woman of many talents.

6.      Dr. Anand Vadivel

With a history of satisfying patients and a four-star rating, Dr. Anand is a great pick.

7.      Dr. Zakariyya Al-Mrayat

A member of the Jordanian board of medicine and the Jordanian board of gastroenterology, Dr. Zakariyya is available at Zulekha Hospital and an appointment with him can be made online.

8.      Dr. Anil Galle

With the ability to speak four languages; English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu, Dr. Anil has great expertise in providing instant relief.

9.      Dr. Sameh Fakhry

With over thirty-eight years of experience and multiple fellowships, Dr. Sameh specializes in curing stomach related diseases and disorders.

10.  Dr. Georges El Jammal

Affiliated with the French National Society of Gastroenterology, Dr. Georges is popularly known for treating pancreatic diseases, swallowing disorders, irritable bowels and ulcerative colitis.


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Top 10 Gastroenterologists in Dubai
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