7 Ways to Cut Your Prescription Costs in Dubai

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Dubai with its traditions, culture, and charm is also known for being expensive. The shimmering clothes and fantastical adventures are a choice but getting medications for the family’s well-being is not. According to Gulf Business, medicines in the U.A.E are expensive due to many reasons; the health insurance model, unhealthy lifestyles leading to not curable, lifetime diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes which require constant medication, the research that goes into bringing a drug into the market and the excessive marketing needed for that product.

Around 75% of the seniors nestled in the U.A.E take prescription drugs and this does cause a financial strain on the family’s savings. The health insurance coverage sets a limit for the expenses at the pharmacy depending on the plan that you have. When you exceed that limit, you have to pay for the medications from your pocket. Sometimes, pre-approval is needed to cover diagnostic tests and prescription costs. Moreover, your health insurance plan will not cover a preexisting condition for six months. For example, if you have hypertension before the insurance, you’ll have to wait six months to get medication for it which can be partially or fully covered by the insurance. Some health insurance plans also have you initially pay the amount out of your pocket and then reimburse it after a specific time. Most of the time, individuals feel financially drained and hopeless when it comes to buying medications for themselves and their relatives. However, by keeping the following tips in mind, prescription costs can be cut:

1.      Search for a good plan

Understand your needs and then opt for an insurance plan. Compare the options that you have and evaluate the prescription coverage that the plans offer. After choosing a suitable plan, you can book a top doctor online with ease by choosing your insurance to see which doctors are offered in your plan.

2.      Ask for alternatives

Of course, your doctor knows best but it is most likely that the newest and not really the most affordable drug is being prescribed to you. You can always ask your prescriber for alternatives. Be an informed user and have know-how about generic drugs.

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Doctor prescribing medication to patient.
Talk to your health provider about your concerns.

3.      Ask for free samples

When your doctor prescribes a new drug, ask for a free sample to test out the drug. It might not always be available, but pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics receive free samples and if you’re lucky you can get a month or week’s dose.

4.      Do the homework for your prescription

When you like a certain thing, you always shop around to see which store offers the best price. Do the same thing for your medications! Call around pharmacies and see which pharmacy offers the best price.

5.      Use discount cards

These coupons are for medications and are available at many retail stores. There are also online prescription discount sites that deliver the cards to areas for free. You can get a massive discount by using them. It doesn’t matter if you have health insurance or not, you can still use them. If you can’t find a discount card, you can buy a pharmaceutical membership card. In the long run, it’ll help you save money.

6.      Check out the mail order program

Many providers are using this program to deliver medications to the patient’s house. You can check if using this program offers a discount. Most people can get multiple months’ supply with the price of one co-pay.

7.      Check out the UAE Patient Assistance Program

If you cannot under any circumstances pay for your medication, you can opt for this program. It allows the pharmacies to share the payment costs for your medication. You can read more about its offerings and the eligibility criteria here.

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7 Ways to Cut Your Prescription Costs in Dubai
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