How to have a Stress-Free Eid | Coronavirus in the UAE

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The month of fasting is about to end and Muslims all over the UAE are wondering what Eid amidst the coronavirus will be like. The pre-Eid festivities have already come to a halt as individuals have been instructed by the government to strictly stay inside their houses, urging them to make the most of the holidays with the curfew intact.

27,000 people have been infected and 237 people have died due to coronavirus in the UAE.

Eid Al Fitr is expected to fall on either May 23rd or 24th, depending on the sighting of the moon. According to the Gulf News, individuals are to be issued a fine of 10,000 for hosting a gathering, and Dh 3,000 for traveling with more than three people in a car or for not wearing masks.

Furthermore, the residents have been discouraged to give Eidiya this year to help prevent the transmission of the virus through the notes. If you’re inclined to send money to your loved ones, transfer it electronically instead.

Mosques have been instructed to remain closed and the Eid prayer is to be offered at home.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, and other retail stores will operate from 6 am to 8 pm whereas shopping centers will operate between 9 am to 7 pm. The residents will be allowed to shop for two hours.

Will all these restrictions intact, stress is inevitable. However Eid is an occasion of togetherness and happiness, and nothing should come between Muslims and this joyous holiday. Here are six tips from healthcare experts to have a tension-free and delightful Eid:

1.      Get that glow at home

Many women haven’t had the time to visit their salons and dermatologists to get beauty treatments done due to the contagious virus. UAE influencers on Instagram have reported to not feel the ‘Eid spirit’ because of how they look. We have a solution to that. Make an online appointment with a top dermatologist, and via video call get great advice based uniquely on your body’s needs, to look your very best, and that too from the comfort of your home. There’s more to Eid than looks (you’re beautiful just the way you are!) but having your concerns addressed will eliminate the stress!

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2.      Eat your favorite food

Gobble up treats and build your immunity. You deserve a cheat day after a whole month of fasting. However make sure to not indulge too much in oily and sweet treats which may harm your health. If you want to maintain the weight that you’ve lost during Ramadan or shed the extra pounds you’ve gained, get a personalized meal plan made by a nutritionist.

3.      Fix your routine

Due to online classes, work from home, and Ramadan, the routine has been changed. Individuals have reported getting less sleep, which has led to impaired cognitive function: inability to focus properly (also a cause of stress!) Now’s the perfect time to fix your routine. Wake up early, get dressed, have fun and sleep on time.

4.      Make it about the children

No matter how you explain it to them, a child will always look forward to the Eid that he/she has had in the previous years. Giving them a well-planned Eid will relieve the in-built tension in their little bodies too. According to Forbes, coronavirus has caused a significant increase in anxiety and depression in children. This Eid, go the extra mile and spend time with them.

5.      Schedule video calls with your family

Yes, social distancing is being enforced but in the virtual world, distance-less Eid will be spectacular. During the pandemic, the ban on VoIP applications was lifted, enabling people to use applications such as Skype and features such as video calling for Whatsapp. This Eid, video call your entire family and catch up on all that you’ve missed. Nothing provides more comfort than family bonding.

6.      Make donations for the frontline workers

Eid is all about giving. Donate free meals to frontline workers in the UAE through the 10 Million Meals campaign, Make My Meal collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent, and other donation setups. In the spirit of Ramadan, and all that they’re doing for us, this is the least that we can do. On May 1st, the Be Well campaign initiated by The National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing got a tremendous response, and boxes for healthcare workers with essentials were distributed all over Dubai. The campaign will be active throughout Ramadan so if you’ve not donated till now, you can play your part by visiting the UAE Red Crescent Authority’s website or mobile application.

7.      Talk to a professional

If you’re stressed and feel that you need to let it all out, this Eid, pre-gift yourself an appointment with a therapist. Invest in your mental health. It is alright to seek help especially in challenging times such as today. Dubai-based private healthcare entities, Aster DM Healthcare and HealthHub by Al-Futtaim have introduced free video consultations to help the public during restricted movement.

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Remember, you deserve to be happy. A very happy Eid Mubarak from Hakeem!

How to have a Stress-Free Eid | Coronavirus in the UAE
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