Anger Management: What is it and How to Control it?

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Anger is an inevitable emotion and at one point or another, you do feel angry. It could be because someone ate your slice of cake, or because a friend backbit, maybe you accidentally deleted the work file your boss is asking for or your better-half threw a tantrum. The reasons are endless and the feeling is mutual; sheer anger, frustration, and hopelessness. However, this is natural and if these reasons don’t trigger your anger, some other stuff might. Similarly, people vent their anger out in different manners. You might shut yourself in your room whilst your friend may shout it out. A person like me usually weeps. And that’s perfectly fine. However, some people get really really angry and their anger takes out the worst in them. These people need therapeutic help and are said to have an anger management problem.

How do I know if I have anger issues?

Here are some common symptoms to look out for. However, sometimes your loved ones and others around you might point it out:

·         People closest to you fear you. (your family, friends, and peers)

·         You get angry really quickly.

·         Your comments are harsh and you regret what you say later. (But you can’t help it.)

·         You end up degrading and hurting people without realizing it.

·         You play the blame game which means that you blame others.

·         You cannot accept criticism.

·         You have no patience.

·         Everyone says that you’re always angry.

·         Physically you feel drained out after the anger period has passed. Your blood pressure increases and you have symptoms of anxiety.

Anger management
Woman talking to a therapist. 

How do I make myself or a loved one resolve this problem?

The first step is to accept that you or your loved one has a problem. Acceptance is not easy but it is the key. Do not be ashamed and think that you can suppress the anger or that it will go away with time. It can worsen, cause a drift in your relationships and harm your mental health. After acceptance, list down the things (as many as you can) which trigger the anger. Sometimes it can be hard to do that so opt for help. This step will point out all the problematic things and reactions in your life. Now, understand the options that you have which include medication, individual and group therapy. None of these options are permanent which means that over time, your problem will resolve. In order to complete this step, book an appointment with a top psychiatrist or psychologist in Dubai. These specialists will help you overcome the problem and you’ll be able to lead a stress and anger-free life.

Is the anger management program in Dubai costly?

It depends on what you opt for. Therapists have different group programs that help with anger management issues and not all of them are heavy on the pocket. However, if you opt for individual therapy, you are charged by the hour and the price varies from clinic to clinic. Moreover, the medication that is prescribed has additional costs. You can discuss the options with your doctor and make a plan. Your medical insurance will most likely not cover the expenses. Remember, your mental well-being matters the most so this is an investment in yourself, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Anger management
Sometimes, meeting people with similar problems helps one recover.

What are some of the tips that will help me control my anger?

Your doctor will be the best judge of your personality and will help you calm down. However, here are a few things that can help you manage your anger:

·         Find a medium to channel your anger. This can be something you love or an activity that keeps you busy.

·         Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time to relax.

·         Understand that anger will not undo a problem. It will only cause more problems.

·         Physical activity helps reduce stress. Keep 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. You can even brisk walk.

·         Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Similarly, try to see everyone’s plus points rather than their negative points.

·         Add humor in your life either through friendships, television-shows, or reading. A good laugh keeps the mind young.

·         Talk to a friend and seek help when necessary.

Control your anger today before it controls you.

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Anger Management: What is it and How to Control it?
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