Meddy Ranked Among Top 50 Startups to Watch

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Meddy has caught the attention of many across Qatar, but now, it is attracting the Gulf and the Middle East. Keeping the brand strong, Meddy branches out to keep the Gulf healthy and happy.

In a cover story article in the latest issue of Forbes Middle East, Meddy was mentioned among “the 200 startups and investors that are changing your life, one bright idea at a time.” The article spoke of many startups all over the Middle East making waves of changes across nations.

Reading further into the article, it described “100 startups in the Arab world comprises those startups that have championed the most innovative ideas and received the most external funding in the last year (2017).”

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A great honor to Meddy honestly as not only was it mentioned among the top 200 startups, but actually put Qatar on the map of Forbes Middle East. Meddy was ranked 10th in Forbes Innovators’ 50 startups to watch list, among the “hub of startups” the United Arab Emirates with 79 startups, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 10 startups, and the Kingdom of Kuwait with 2 startups. The section was described as “50 startups to watch are those who have not yet received big-ticket funding but are looking promising for the future.”

The Meddy team is hard at work on new ways to make the company stand out adding more features to the website, changing the look of the design and working out our overall branding. Doctors on Meddy can now be seen by thousands of people and with improved SEO will hopefully become even more visible.

What should people really look forward to from Meddy:

  • App

meddy forbes middle east

The new app customized to any IOS and Android users phone will be launched soon including configurations for the new IPhone X. The App will be free and will allow you to browse, book, and review doctors that you like from any specialty in Qatar. It will have similar filters to the website including: most reviewed doctor, clinic name, clinic location, nationality or area of study, and insurance provided. This all allows you to access your favorite doctor in the easiest way. Just download the app and you’ll get it all in one click!

  • New design

new meddy guide

Meddy’s new design is sleek and clean making it easier for patients to find the doctor they are looking for. It features even more filters to help you specify the doctor you are looking for including consultations, treatments, and subspecialties of the doctor. The new design offers Meddy a chance to present the brand in a simple way and keeps the doctor profiles displayed in the best design yet. It has become even faster and has much more to offer to anyone who visits.

  • Booking managementmeddy forbes middle east

Patients will soon be able to book appointments directly with clinics without a hassle of a phone call. Meddy has worked on cutting down response time and has been working rigorously on the new booking management system to offer both the doctors and the patients a chance to communicate about appointments in the fastest and easiest way possible. Online is where it is at and the team can’t wait to launch this new update to save you time and effort.

  • Healthcare blog

meddy forbes middle east

Healthcare blog is Meddy’s newest attraction, with more than 80 articles so far, the blog is receiving lots of praise from doctors and patients combined. The blog includes articles about the doctors that delve deeper into their personalities and the way that they work. It also challenges myths and takes doctor opinions on specialty topics. The blog also features new articles about what to do to attain medical documents and any governmental press releases and news from the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar.

So, what are

Meddy Ranked Among Top 50 Startups to Watch
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