The Dream of Making Technology: Meddy on Al Jazeera

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Meddy was featured on Al Jazeera‘s newest short featured documentaries as one of the companies leading Qatar’s technological growth.

Meddy co-founders Haris Aghadi and Abdulla Jassim Al Khenji spoke of how the idea of Meddy started and how it developed to what it is today.

meddy on al jazeera

In the new short documentary about entrepreneurs, the video starts off with Dr. Maher Hakim, Managing Director of Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) stating that “*persistence, risk taking and believing in yourself are the three most important aspects of an entrepreneur’s success.”  *

The feature also included Ms. Haifa Ahmed, Creative Director at QSTP speaking more clearly about the Incubator and how it nourishes the talents of upcoming startups in the field of technology. She said that the incubator represents the pillars in which QSTP stands on which are: Science of Energy, Science of Environment, Science of Health, and Science of Technology and Telecommunications.

Dr. Hakim spoke of the different ways that companies under QSTP are funded and supported, as well as the outside funding that comes to some companies.

meddy on al jazeera

A few other companies in the technology field spoke of their company’s development including, Oliver Cooks, which is a company that works on creating appliances that help in cooking ingredients together in a smart device and Stelik that helps students find and choose courses that interest them and help them through their journey of finding the right career path.

Dr. Hakim states that the companies featured in this video have reached and achieved success as not only did they manage to bring the company to the outside community, but they also managed to get funding from other entities.

The video features a lot more about how QSTP was founded. What makes it special to the companies in it and Qatar’s national vision 2030 and the ways in which the managing team supports the companies and startups in QSTP.

You can watch the whole video to find out more about what goes on behind the dream of building technology in Qatar.