Is Your Posture Causing Depression?

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“Depression consumes your world, it is like a shadow that you can never escape, even if you desperately wish to see the sun.”

One of the ways you could be causing depression is the way you are sitting, standing, or even moving. Your posture is the way you carry yourself around. It shows who you are, and what you are capable of, even if you may not be entirely that person that your posture shows you to be.

New research has shown that posture plays a huge role in behaviors leading to depression. Sitting too long on your desk and not allowing your body to rest and readjust itself might be slowly making you a negative person and more likely to have depression.

Sitting for too long and slouching over a desk can cause severe strain on your back and neck. This, if continues, may affect the alignment of your spine and can cause you to appear more closed up and the strain would make you feel tired. Constant improper posture would then lead to feelings of insecurity, and emotional stress, as your organs may not be getting enough blood circulation or oxygen. Ask your doctor about this.

Essentially, sitting too long, can cause a lot more than just strain on your back and neck, it can lead to numbness due to not enough circulation, and can also lead to triggering unhealthy emotional responses.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your posture is proper:

Whether you are at work or working from home, there are always good ways to keep your posture in mind. Sometimes when you get lost in the work, that idea might slip your mind, but you need to be taking regular breaks anyways, so why not check your posture!

Support your back

proper posture at work

Companies invest thousands of riyals and more for their staff to be comfortable. Choosing your desk chair may not be your choice but knowing how to use it to your benefit is what really matters. There is a huge market of products to use to ensure you have proper back support, ask your doctor about the best brands.

Check that your ears are aligned with your shoulders, this way you would know that your posture is a bit better. If you feel a strain, get up and do some stretches, or just take a walk. You can even lean against a wall close to you to make sure that you are standing up straight.

Plant your feet

posture in qatar don't cross your legs

We all tend to cross our legs every now and then when we sit for a long time. New studies have found that not only is it uncomfortable for a long time, it can cause numbness due to lack of circulation, which can actually lead to hemorrhaging of the blood and irregular blood flow. Lifting your feet can help relieve some tension off them. However, this can also allow your lower back to suffer from strain.

Keep your arms bent

posture in doha best doctors in qatar

Doctors suggest that if you are working on a computer screen that you keep it at eye level, place your keyboard close to the edge of your desk and bend your arms slightly. The further you are from your keyboard the more slouching you will do.

Use headphones

posture in qatar best doctors

Although many of us tend to use headphones knowing the dangers of the phone’s proximity to our skin, at work we have no choice. Talk to your boss about getting some headphones for the office phones you use, if you use them a lot. The distance from the phone and removing the strain of bending your neck to hold the phone in place, might just help you recover your good posture.

Take breaks

posture and fresh air in doha

Everyone knows this, when you feel your body tensing or becoming heavy, the best way to get back to normal is to take a break and walk it off. This allows you to get some good circulation and the fresh air might do some good as well.

If you can’t take a walk, then switch up your posture every now and then, pull your shoulder blades back and stretch your arms to get a little looser.

Don’t overthink it

don't overthing your posture with the best doctors in qatar

Thinking about something too much will make you lose focus from your work. Try not t

Is Your Posture Causing Depression?
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