Burning Calories: Are You Making the Most Out of Your Day?

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Research has finally come around to proving that calorie count is not very important to weight loss. However, people train swear by the calorie count method to making drastic changes in people’s lives, and health.

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So, let’s take a look at how much calories you can burn off in a typical day?! Ask your doctor about some of the best ways to burn calories by booking doctor appointment here!

Here are ten of the best ways to start losing calories seemingly effortlessly:

Morning Exercises

burn calories with morning exercises in qatar

Mornings are the best time that you could exercise where your body can refresh and reboot from sleeping. A night’s sleep can sometimes strain your back or neck, if you are sleeping on the wrong mattress or pillow. Doing some stretches as soon as you wake up can really help release this tension/strain, as well as warm up your body to burn more calories during your day. A warm body is a healthy body.

Doing your cardio or running in the morning and on an empty stomach can be one of the best ways to burn those calories faster.

Big Breakfast

burn more calories with a healthy breakfast in doha

Who knew that eating can actually help you burn off more calories. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast have a harder time losing weight in general. They also suffer from lack of focus, difficulty to stay awake for longer periods, and lack the clarity that those who have breakfast have throughout the day.

Consuming proteins and healthy carbs like eggs, steak, and organic pancakes, can provide your body with lots of energy to burn more calories in any simple action that you take.

Walking to Work

walking to work can burn more calories in qatar

Obviously in Qatar, this is a crazy thing to think about, with the heat and the humidity and the construction-filled streets, it’s frankly not very safe. However, you can still make the most out of the situation. You can park farther from the door, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, and you can walk to work, if it is close, when the weather is reasonable. It gives you a chance to exercise, get some fresh air and vitamin D, as well as have a wonderful morning commute.

Talking in Meetings

talking in doha meetings can burn calories

You wouldn’t think that talking can make you lose calories, but actually science has proven yet again that the body is a wonderful thing that will keep surprising us. Not only are you strengthening your facial muscles, more importantly your jaw, but when you talk, especially about something you are passionate about, it helps you lose calories. When you are excited about something, your adrenalin kicks in and that in combination with probably movement with your hands and mouth, can help you release some of those stored-fat calories.

Taking Your Time

take your time and shop for good food

Multitasking is such a wonderful phenomenon in the busy world we live in but it might not be very good for you when you try to lose weight. Doing too many things at once confuses your brain and your body to what you need to do. Your focus is not entirely on one thing which would mean that you can get strains and stress on your body and mind. Take your time with household chores. Don’t take the groceries all in one go, make multiple trips, don’t take everything you need up the stairs with you all at once, take and work on one thing at a time.


shopping to help you burn calories

Walking, talking, and getting excited over something you love, nothing says that better than shopping. Even when you don’t like it, you have to admit that it is exactly the mindless stress reliever that it is marketed to be. You don’t even have to spend money, window shopping is perfectly acceptable, just take a friend with you to make sure you both stop yourselves. All the while you are burning calories right and left!


cook for yourself to be mindful in qatar

Who knew? Cooking can help you lose calories. Here is how, when you cook your own food you tend to be mindful of the ingredients you put in, even if you are following a recipe, sometimes your gut tells you to ease up on the sugar or the frying, or you decide to try a different way to cook traditional meals. Experimenting with food is a great way to reboot your metabolism.

Turning Down Your AC

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Even before going into the room, put your temperature down, the room may be colder than usual but your body will adjust and be comfortable with it. According to studies recently published, being cold can increase your fat burning by up to 40%, you don’t even have to be doing anything, just watching TV and you burn those calories right off. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be freezing, keep it to where it is mildly cooler than you usually have it.

Watching A Movie

scary movie to lose weight

This is probably the most interesting of all the studies on weight loss, burning calories as you watch a movie. No, this has nothing to do with popcorn being a healthy snack in moderation. This is more to encourage you to watch movies while you exercise, if you can, if not, choose a movie that scares you! Yes, a recent study was published about the number of calories a person can burn watching a scary movie. The scariest reported movie that can reduce your calories was The Shining with 184 calories, follow by many classics like Jaws, and The Exorcist.

The adrenalin from your fear makes your heart beat faster and your sweat glands to open up, you are burning calories as if you are doing cardio.

Good Night’s Sleep

bedtime and sleep deprivation for your child in qatar pediatricians in doha

The last thing you do to end your day is go to bed. Studies have shown countless reasons for you to sleep early, comfortably, and for longer peri

Burning Calories: Are You Making the Most Out of Your Day?
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