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Traveling is an integral part of life and whether you enjoy it or not, you often find yourself traveling for family, friends, and business. Whilst traveling allows you to explore, discover and learn, it is important to stay safe during all your planned voyages. One should stay aware of the travel-related sickness in different countries and get vaccinated for it beforehand. This safety measure entails that you’ll be in the best of your health after you return.

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Holiday season is coming up which means that most of us will be traveling so here’s all you need to know about travel immunization.

What exactly is travel vaccination?

Travel vaccinations or travel immunizations are shots individuals get before traveling to specific parts of the world to prevent illnesses present in their destinations. So there are three types of vaccines: routine vaccines recommended vaccines and required vaccines. These three r’s are different. Routine vaccines are vaccines that people should generally have. They’re for diseases such as flu, chickenpox, measles, tetanus, polio, etc. These diseases can affect children, teens, adults and elderly people alike and through regular checkups, doctors make sure that you’re vaccinated for them. Recommended vaccines are those which the travelers have the option of getting. These should be taken just to stay on the safe side but it is not mandatory. Most families take them before embarking on their travels. These are specific to the region you’re traveling to. For example, country A, might have a cholera outbreak and if you’re visiting, you should get the vaccine to prevent cholera and country typhoid might be prevalent in country B, so you should get vaccinated for that. Required vaccines are those without which you cannot travel to your desired location. For example, if you’re traveling to say Philippines from Qatar, you need to have polio vaccination done and the certificate needs to be with you at all times. It is mandatory.

How can I get a travel vaccination?

You can get travel vaccination through the following steps:

1)      Research the country you’re traveling to. You should make sure that you’re vaccinated for the disease spread there and if there’s a required vaccine needed for you to enter the premises.

2)      You should consult a specialist to understand the vaccines that you’ll be getting against the diseases listed, based on your choice of travels.

3)      You get the vaccination and set off on your journey!

Passport next to an international certificate of vaccination.
Some countries won't let you enter without your vaccination certificate. 

Top Qatari clinics that offer travel vaccination

·        Al Ahli Hospital

The hospital offers travel vaccination based on different countries you’re traveling to. The prices vary based on the dosage and are determined by the doctor. If the individual doesn’t have insurance then the consultation fees to get a vaccine are QR 400. The most common vaccines are:

-         QR 250 for the Yellow Fever Vaccine

-          QR 100 for Polio Vaccine (IPV) (Consultation fee is QR 400 for all vaccines if you don’t have insurance.)

·        Al Emadi Hospital

Travel vaccines are available. The most common ones listed with the prices are:

-         Approximately QR 200 for the Pneumococcal Vaccine

-         QR 420 for the Yellow Fever Vaccine

-         Approximately QR 45 for the Malaria Vaccine

·        The International Medical Center

The most common vaccines listed with the prices are:

-         QR 50 for the consultation (must pay if you’re getting any of the below vaccines only)

-         QR 300 for the Hepatitis A

-         QR 150 for the Hepatitis B

-         QR 175 for the MMR Vaccine

-         QR 375 for the Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox)

-         The Malaria vaccine is also available but the cost depends on the dosage that the doctor will determine.

·        Rayhan Medical Complex

Travel vaccine is available and depending on your choice of travel, you can inquire about the prices.

Did You Know?

Hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio spread through food and water. Hepatitis B spreads through blood and bodily fluids. Rabies and anthrax spread through the saliva of infected animals. Chickenpox and shingles spread through direct contact. Influenza and pneumonia are airborne.

Now that you're vaccinated, you're good to go! 

What else should I keep in mind?

If you or a family member is suffering from a contagious illness, make sure to consult your specialist before traveling so that your disease is not a threat to the others around you. When you return, make sure to get yourself checked to rule out the possibility of any sickness. Having said that, have a great journey!

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How to get Travel Vaccination in Qatar
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