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Don’t skip this article just because you think that getting health insurance is expensive. You’re right, it is. BUT, the cost of occasional accidents, climatic diseases, and uncalled for sicknesses that you’ll pay out of your pocket will be much more costly than the health insurance you’re hesitant about. You may even think that ‘hey, I don’t fall sick. I’m healthy.’ But here’s the thing, you might be fit now, but you shouldn’t be risking your and your family’s future based on a happy present. And, you can’t expect the coverage to work the moment you fall sick, as health insurance companies too have rules.

-  So before we tell you how to get health insurance in Qatar, here are some reasons why you should get health insurance in Qatar:

·         Medical emergencies can put you in a debt.

·         With insurance, you can stay care-free and easily get the minor issues checked before they turn into bigger and costlier ones.

·         You can choose your plans according to your needs. There’s a plan for everyone.

·         You’ll have the peace of mind you deserve.

Elderly couple talking to the health insurance agent.
It's never too late to get health insurance!

Hakeem Fact: Most companies offer health insurance for their employees in Qatar however, the plan is chosen by them and not the employee.

-  Now that you know its importance, here’s how you can get the insurance:

Qatar is a developed country with state of the art healthcare facilities. Getting health insurance insures the fact that you and your loved ones will be getting the best treatment in times of need. If your employer hasn’t provided healthcare insurance or the coverage isn’t of your choice, you can always get a better-suited plan. You can view the plans and their details online on the websites of some of the most popular insurances:

·         Aetna

·         Al Khaleej Takaful Insurance

·         AlKoot

·         Allianz

·         Arabia Insurance Company

·         AXA

·         Beema

·         Bupa

·         Cigna

·         Doha Bank Assurance Company

·         GlobeMed

·         Islamic Insurance

·         Libano-Suisse Insurance

·         MedNet

·         MetLife

·         MSH

·         NAS

·         NextCare

·         Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance

·         Qatar Insurance Company (QIC)

·         QLM

·         SAICO

·         SEIB Insurance

After choosing a plan of your choice, you can contact the insurance company and apply for the insurance. Usually, the information they require is quite simple and the process is short. Depending on the plan, you’ll have to make the payment monthly or yearly.

-  What if you have a Qatar Health Card, do you still need health insurance?

The health card has many benefits including free healthcare and discounted medicines. Howsoever, it does not give you the option to choose your own doctor at a time of your preference whilst getting treated. Moreover, many operations and other procedures have waiting lists which can last from 6 months to 2 years. That’s not all, even with regular appointments, the waiting is a lot. But of course, if that doesn’t bother you, here’s our step by step guide to getting a health card in Qatar.

Child's hands in a woman's, holding a heart sculpture.
Protect your loved ones. 

-  When you’ve got the insurance, how do you know which hospitals are being covered by the insurance and if you’re aware, how do you choose the doctor of your choice?

Here’s when Meddy steps in. Whether you’ve just gotten the plan or you’ve had it for a long time, you can easily choose a doctor of your preference in a hospital covered by your plan.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in the illness/treatment.

Step 3: Filter by the insurance option given and choose your plan.

Step 4: See the list of doctors, read their reviews, view their clinics and book them in a simple click!

That’s about it. It’s 2019 and access to the best specialists in Qatar has never been so easier!


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How to get Health Insurance in Qatar | All You Need to Know
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