Knowing your Body Type can Help You Lose Weight Faster!

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This article has the potential to change your life. Like always, our health experts have come up with a way to not only help you start the weight loss/maintain journey before Ramadan, but give you a plan which will act as a weight loss catalyst and furthermore, help you retain the weight-loss. The two things we ask of you are one, to follow all steps mentioned in this article and two, be consistent as consistency is key. No magic happens overnight.

Step 1: Understand your body type

There are three main types of bodies and yours is one of them, understanding which one is vital. The three types are: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

Types of bodies - weight loss
The three different shapes in women.

An Ectomorph:

·         This body type is less likely to gain weight even with overeating because of their metabolism and small structure.

·         Ectomorph body is relatively low weight.

·         Ectomorph body is naturally skinny but can gain weight due to poor diet and no exercise.

A Mesomorph:

·         Mesomorph body can gain or lose weight rather easily.

·         Mesomorphs are strong and athletic and can excel in sports.

·         Mesomorph body gain muscle mass more quickly than any other type.

An Endomorph:

·          Endomorph body is genetically curvy and round and tends to store fat easily.

·         Endomorph body does not mean that you’ll always stay chubby or fat, it just means that you’ll need to work hard to get rid of the fat.

·         This type needs to boost their metabolism to kick-start the work routine.

The best way to understand your body type if you already aren’t sure of it, is to visit a nutritionist who after assessing your past physical and eating habits, and body measurements, will come to a clear conclusion. After that, you can move to the second step.

Weight loss in men.
The three different shapes in men.

Step 2: Now make a plan according to your body type

Note: This is a set of tips with a sample menu. However, to unlock a full plan according to your body type, click here to book with a clinical nutritionist.

Losing weight as an ectomorph:

·         Eat four meals a day practicing portion-control. You cannot have too much of anything even if it is healthy.

·         Work out three days a week. Moderate exercise can include brisk walking.

·         On days you do not work out, skip having any snacks.

·         Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal and dinner the lightest.

·         Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruit bowl, a fruit smoothie with a handful of nuts

·         Snack: Protein shake, fruit shake, homemade granola bar, carrots.

·         Lunch: Chopped up vegetables with a side of boiled chicken or cooked salmon.

·         Dinner: Grilled chicken with soup.

Losing weight as a mesomorph:

·         Incorporate green tea into your diet plan.

·         Make sure that you drink 8 glasses of water and stay hydrated at all times.

·         Choose a HIIT cycle to lose weight as your body can naturally shed weight fast.

·         If you cannot do HIIT, incorporate yoga into your daily routine.

·         Breakfast: One toast (preferably multi-grain) with scrambled eggs or an omelet.

·         Snack: Apple, bananas, carrots with a side of hummus.

·         Lunch: Salad with chickpeas and less dressing.

·         Dinner: Roasted or grilled chicken breast with veggies and sweet potato.

Losing weight as an endomorph:

·         Include a physical activity of 30 minutes in your routine daily.

·         Do not eat four hours before going to bed.

·         Workout within 45 minutes of waking up.

·         Do not starve yourself, you might end up gaining weight.

·         Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs without yolk, 1 boiled egg with the yolk.

·         Snack: Dates, a handful of nuts

·         Lunch: Zucchini noodles topped with boiled chicken.

·         Dinner: Grilled fish.

Step 3: Mix and Match

Remember that your body will be changing as with this plan, and it is only necessary that you adapt to its needs. Once you get the hang of healthy eating and living, then you can mix and match and treat your body to ‘cheat days’ so that you always stay on track and never get bored.

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A client’s say:

I was an endomorph and I did not know it till my nutritionist pointed out that not all diets could work for me, in fact, they could trigger my body to bloat and my periods to be irregular. I was given a diet plan solely according to my needs and lifestyle as no endomorph is the same. I have lost 12 kilos in 6 months and my body has toned so much! This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!”

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Knowing your Body Type can Help You Lose Weight Faster!
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