8 Tips From A Skin Care Expert to Protect You When You Travel

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Travelling is when we let loose, experience a new place, and unwind from the stresses of school, work, and life in general.

It is a time to escape the heat for a while and go to a more refreshing location. Although it’s mostly still summer and the weather is warm, a change of weather can really be very beneficial for your health.

Just the simple vacation away from stress can make you feel better already, so imagine using that vacation to enrich your brain or go on a different diet trying different cuisine, or even participating in cultural activities that might include food, exercise, art, or cosmetics.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting new places.

  • Try new food and keep it healthy
  • Always have clean water with you
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Wear clothes that absorb easily but are relatively warm
  • Make sure to carry snacks with you if you have children or if you’re diabetic
  • Protect your eyes with a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses
  • Always wear comfortable, preferably closed shoes
summer health cleaning face with toner and cleanser

Now that we know how to take of ourselves fully, it is time to focus on the essential organ that a lot of us take for granted, our skin! It is the largest organ in the human body and it stretches across your body as you grow up. When we get older, our skin starts sagging. This is because our skin cannot shrink back to fit our bone frame due to its lack of elasticity.

Taking care of our skin is essential at a young age for it to be less impacted with age. Obviously, we will not stop the sagging. However, the body will look much more toned, with finer lines than those who do not take care of their skin and body.

Dr. Iman Al Haj Plastic Surgeon in Qatar

Renowned plastic surgeon and skin care expert at Tadawi Medical Centre, Dr. Iman Al Haj, said, “probably the best treatment a person could do is take care of his/her face and body on a daily basis to prevent aging rapidly.” This of course means that specific treatments are in order to ensure that your skin is clean and is not being harmed by harsh chemicals or unfit materials.

For example, certain brand products add an unnecessary layer of debris onto your skin and pores that harms your skin further. Other brands have chemicals that are harsh on your skin in the long run. Some people might have sensitive skin and using cleansers and scrubs that are too harsh for their skin might create permanent damage.

Daily cleansing and removal of debris from the pores is essential. This debris consists of makeup residue, sweat, and oil,” said Dr. Al Haj. This can be done by first washing the face with warm water, then using a milk-based cleanser to remove debris, then wiping that up with a toner to sterilize your pores, and finally ensuring a moisturizer is put on the face right after to seal the cleanse and prevent dehydration, according to Dr. Al Haj.

This can be done differently in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, using a cleanser is essential, then sealing the cleanse with a toner, then comes the most essential part of all skin-care regimes, sunscreen!

A common misconception is that sunscreen should only be worn when going out of the house. However, houses have windows and lights which could result in skin damage regardless,” said Dr. Al Haj. “Hormones exacerbate the sun’s sensitivity. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, your sunscreen is the best prevention of melasma.”

Taking care of your skin means protecting it from what is harmful to it. This can be said about all your skin and not just your face and hands. Your skin can represent you and whether you are adventurous, lazy, or just always on the move, sunscreen is your best friend.

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8 Tips From A Skin Care Expert to Protect You When You Travel
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