6 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

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Sure, the monster in the horror movie is scary. But what’s scarier is having bad breath and not knowing what to do about it. No one likes to be around a person whose words are wrapped in the odor of last night’s sushi. Also known as halitosis, this condition can be present due to many symptoms: cavities, poor oral hygiene, mouth infections, coated tongue, gum diseases, tonsils, and cracked fillings. In order to get rid of the nasty smell is to find out what’s causing it in the first place and there’s no better way to do that than to visit a dental specialist.

Hakeem’s Tip: Many people suffering from halitosis are hesitant to go to a dentist thinking that they will be judged. Your dentist has dealt with many such cases and there’s nothing to be ashamed about! It’s better for the dentist to know and treat you rather than your friends pointing your bad breath out at social gatherings!

Having bad breath is very troublesome as it causes the individual to stop smiling, socializing, and in extreme cases may even cause low self-esteem and depression. Here are some ways to eliminate bad breath:

1.      Brush away your worries after every meal

It may sound like a tedious task at first, but rather than brushing your teeth twice a day, brush them after every meal. This will ensure that no food particles are sticking in the spaces between your teeth, causing a foul smell. This will also lower your chances of getting a plague. Make sure that you use a soft brush. The key is brushing for a longer time rather than brushing aggressively as hard brushing can cause the enamel to wear off. If you’re traveling, carry a brush with you.

Prevent Bad Breath
Like they say, 'if you can smell it a little, others can smell it a lot!' 

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Hakeem’s Advice: Change your toothbrush every three to four months.

2.      Avoid breath busting food

Try not to have spicy food and food that contains onion and garlic regularly. People who consume garlic and onions on a daily basis complain of a never going mouth odor. And like they say, you are what you eat! Try to eat healthy food enriched with calcium and vitamins so that your teeth are strong.

Prevent Bad Breath
Don't let that garlic bread tempt you!

3.      Scrape your tongue

People usually don’t know this but build up on the tongue (first symptom: discoloration) can cause inflammation and bad breath. Whilst brushing it is vital to scrape your tongue so that the bacteria sitting on it can get washed away. Most brushes these days have a tongue scraper on the back.

Prevent Bad Breath
Your tongue can house a lot of bacteria!

4.      Quit smoking

Smoking is not only hazardous to health and the number one cause of cancer, but it is also a cause of chronic bad breath. Quit smoking today with the help of a professional.

A doctor breaking a cigarette.
Let a professional help you quit!

5.      Chew gum

In ancient times, people used to chew on orange and lemon peels after eating those fruits because citrus acid help eliminates bad mouth odor. Even though it is effective to this date, you can get a pack of sugar-free gum instead.

Woman putting a spearmint gum in her mouth.
Make sure that the gum isn't fattening! 

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6.      Pay a visit to the dentist

Whilst the above-mentioned points can help reduce bad breath, in order to get it treated in the long-term and also to make sure that there’s nothing alarming going on in your mouth, it is absolutely vital to let a dental expert examine your mouth. Usually, if there’s no major issue, dentists recommend medical toothpaste and routine treatments.

A happy patient at a dentist's clinic.
The dentist can fix those pearly whites!

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Hakeem’s Bad Breath Story:

Yasmeen from Dubai writes:

“For as long as I recall, I had a bad breath problem. Friends wouldn’t sit with me, no one wanted to drink from my water bottle and I was known as the girl who didn’t brush her teeth. It was horrible! I had great teeth, and I had never had a cavity in my life. When I starting shutting people out, my father booked an appointment through Meddy and took me to a dentist the very next day. Turns out that I had a lining of bacteria on my gums that could only be removed by an expert! Seven years later I’m still smiling!”


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6 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath
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