5 Things You Should Know Before You Get Lip Fillers

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Every few months, a beauty trend takes over the world by storm. It’s usually initiated by beauty bloggers, celebrities and dermatology experts. Sometimes it’s even an experiment gone viral!

Fun Fact: Injectable fillers were originally made from fat to replace or reconstruct face injuries of patients by dermatologists before it became a fad.

Lip fillers, also known as lip augmentation, used to be a pricey procedure but now due to technological advancements, it has become a non-surgical treatment that most doctors offer. These days most people can afford the treatment and the risks of the practice have decreased.

Another Fun Fact: Back in 2015, when celebrity Kylie Jenner informed her viewers that she got a lip treatment done, the inquiries for lip fillers went up a whopping 70%! The hashtag ‘lipfillers’ generates 1.1 million results on Instagram.

If you’re planning to get lip fillers, here are some things that you should know before getting them!

1)      Choose your doctor wisely

There are so many examples in real life and on the internet of lip fillers gone wrong. This usually happens because the doctor isn’t an expert and the clients want to avail some offer they saw on a bogus brochure promising results. Choosing a doctor is the most important step. Your doctor should be a qualified healthcare professional who understands your needs and can walk you through the procedure with ease. Luckily for you, we have a compiled list for the best doctors in the UAE for lip augmentation.

Smiling patient in doctor's office.
Your doctor will address all your concerns before the procedure!

2)      Know that it is not permanent

Depending on the patient, the overall procedure time varies. Usually, it is very quick and you can see the results almost instantly. Your new lips can last around six months and then, you’ll have to invest in the procedure again. It can be a very addictive process!

American man getting a lip filler done.
Who says lip fillers are only for women?

3)      Know what YOU want

Like any cosmetic procedure, this too requires thought. First and foremost, the decision to get lip fillers should be your own. You should be one hundred percent sure that you want to go ahead with it. Moreover, you should know what amount and what type of filling you want done. Consult your friends, family, and peers if you must, but go ahead with what you’re comfortable with.

Smiling lady patient in doctor's chair.
It should be YOUR decision. 

4)      Understand that your look will be unique

Often patients walk in the doctor’s office and show a celebrity’s photo. “I want lips exactly like these,” they say. Sure, you can get the exact procedure done, but you can’t get the exact lips! How the lips will compliment your overall look will be different than other people’s looks. Explain what you want to your doctor and hear the doc’s insight too.

Thai woman admiring herself in the mirror.
You're beautiful inside out. 

5)      The new lips don’t require extra care!

Sometimes individuals believe that after getting the treatment, they’ll be bound with medicines and ointments. But that’s all just optional. The after-care for this treatment is minimal. The swelling will vanish in a couple of days and you can go back to living your life with your brand new lips.

Woman pouting with pink glossy lips.
Pout away your insecurities!

Hakeem’s Advice: You’re beautiful inside out. Lip fillers might enhance your beauty, but you should not be getting the procedure done solely to fit in the crowd.

So now that you know what you’re in for, it’s time to book your appointment!


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5 Things You Should Know Before You Get Lip Fillers
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