17 Health Facts Science Wants You to Know!

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How much do we really know about ourselves? Of course, we know about our favorite flavor of ice-cream, about what we should wear to our co-worker’s party next Saturday and what our doctor says about our health, but, do we really know our body inside out and the environment’s impact on it?

Today in our New in Science segment, let’s list down seventeen interesting facts that will blow your mind!

1.      Chocolate is actually good for you!

Studies suggest that dark chocolate can enhance brain activity and prevent heart diseases. So yes, you can make dark chocolate a part of your diet but remember to have it in moderate amounts!

2.      If you feel your skin changing in texture or color, it could say a lot about your health.

Changes in skin mean on-going changes inside the body. Sure, a rash or an insect bite swelling might go away on its own but if the discoloration or skin allergy is without any explanation, consult a skin specialist right away. Like they say, your skin is the window to your body.

3.      There are over 10 teaspoons of sugar in a can of cola.

That’s a lot of sugar intake that your body does not need. 62% of the cavities in the mouth are caused by sugary drinks. If your teeth are decaying, or turning yellow, you might want to cut down on the coke. Cavities if not treated can lead to permanent tooth decay so if you’ve got a toothache, head to your dentist to get your pearly whites checked.

4.      Your hair grows about 6 inches per year.

That’s fast growth! If you’re suffering from dandruff, lice, stress or anything that has led to hair loss, these expert hair specialists can give your scalp the nourishment it needs.

American model showing her thick hair.
Your hair are a part of your personality!

5.      The proper method of brushing involves more time, not more aggressiveness.

It is advised to brush for three whole minutes to get that perfect, flawless smile. Some people end up brushing aggressively thinking that it would make their teeth whiter. It’s a myth! Aggressive brushing can actually cause your enamel to wear off and your gums to bleed.

6.      Taking a quick nap can make you intelligent!

Sleep away your worries. A noon nap can make your brain function more effectively.

7.      The amount of hair on a monkey is the same as the amount of hair on your body.

We’re hairy mammals but thankfully, our eyes are not capable of seeing the finer hair on the body. If you feel that you have excessive facial hair growth and that it is impacting your daily life, opt for a recommended laser treatment.

8.      Some people are born with two uterus!

Two in two thousand women are born with this condition, which means that it is quite rare to be walking with a double uterus. This condition is known as uterus didelphys.

9.      Drinking excessive coffee actually has one benefit:

It helps prevent depression! If you’re feeling low, get some caffeine in your system to give you that dopamine high!

10.  People who are optimistic have less chance of suffering from heart disease.

Like they say, positivity attracts more positivity!

Woman doing yoga for relaxation.
breathe in, let all the negativity out!

11.  Sleeping well can make your hair grow better.

Fixing your sleeping patterns can go a long way. It helps your body to fight back against diseases, can help maintain your weight, and can make your hair grow better!

Man sleeping on white sheets peacefully.
You need your beauty sleep!

12.  Exercise can help you age better.

Get out that gear and hit the gym. The more you sweat, the more your skin glows. A healthy lifestyle equals a healthy you!

13.  Brown eyes can be made blue by eye surgeons.

Every eye color is beautiful but how interesting and advanced are the ophthalmologist’s treatments these days?

14.  Your baby can hear you inside the womb.

At 23 weeks, the adorable creature can make out what you’re saying, and can also sense your moods. If you’ve got a bun in the oven, schedule an appointment with the best gynecologist in your area.

15.  Braces existed long before our great grandparents did.

Ways to straighten and align teeth existed three thousand years ago and evidence was found in the Egyptian tombs. Braces never run out of style!

Young girl with spectacles and braces laughing.
We call this the brace grace!

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17 Health Facts Science Wants You to Know!
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