Travelling Soon? Get Your Vaccinations In Qatar!

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We all love to travel to new and exciting places every year, some of these destinations are exotic or have an adventure awaiting us. However, did you know that some countries you travel to require vaccinations (immunizations) before entering? Of course, this is for your own good, it is meant to not only protect you from common diseases, but also from rising epidemics. This is also protection to those around you or those you are coming back to.

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There are many different vaccinations required for Qatar, but in this article, we will discuss Qatar’s vaccination centers and what you should look out for.

Let’s start off with some background about vaccinations. Did you know that the concept of vaccinations came from 10th century China? where people believed the best protection to a disease or “threat” is to face it and experience it?

A vaccination is the process of administering an antigenic material to stimulate your immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a pathogen. Basically, it wakes up your body to recognize a foreign substance and be prepared to defend itself.

It is believed that small pox was the first infectious disease to be prevented through inoculation. This led on to the development of further and better versions to prevent diseases like polio, tetanus, and measles, among 25 other preventable diseases according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of the most popular of Qatar’s vaccination centers is Mesaimeer Health Center. They’re facilities are top-notch when it comes to vaccinations and immunizations for any occasion. Whether you need some for school, for university, for work, or just to travel, Mesaimeer vaccination center is sure to have it.

Vaccinations might seem scary, but they are actually protecting you and your family. However, it is very important to prepare properly before receiving your vaccinations.

  • Make sure you have the right paper work- Identification
  • Health Card
  • Health Insurance (if any)
  • Vaccination card (if recently provided)
  • Try not to eat too much before getting the vaccination- Not too much carbohydrates
  • Not too much dairy products like milk and cheese – they will make you dizzy
  • Not too much sugar or carbonated drinks
  • Drink lots of water- This will help relieve some pain from the initial sting of the needle
  • Understand and know that it might hurt- Pain is normal, but if it becomes too unbearable, ask the nurse or doctor to give you some ice for the bruising
  • Be calm before and during getting vaccinated- Being hysterical doesn’t help anyone, if you remain calm, it will all be over in a few minutes. Try soothing words to help you relax or music
  • Make sure you don’t do any heavy activity after receiving the vaccine- Most vaccinations would make your body feel heavy, you might have headaches, or feel sleepy, or even just feel pain, so it is important that you do not do any heavy listing or running after getting vaccinated.

Although Mesaimeer vaccination clinic is the most well-known Qatar vaccination center, the Ministry of Health has also provided alternative public centers to receive your vaccinations from. Here is a list of the locations:

  • patients registered in either Um Ghwaileena, or Al Wakra and Airport HCs, shall receive the service in the Airport HC.
  • patients registered in either Omar Bin Al Katab, or West bay and Al Muntazah HCs, shall receive the service in Al Muntazah HC.
  • Patients registered in Mesaimeer, Abu Baker, or Al Kara’ana and Abu Nakhlah HCs, shall receive the service in Mesaimeer HC.
  • Patients registered in either Al Rayan, or Al Shahaneya,or Al Jumaileya HCs and Um Bab area, shall receive the service in Al Rayan HC.
  • Patients registered in either Al Khor, or Al Daayen, or Al Shamal, Al Ka’aban and Al Ghuwairya HCs, shall receive service in Al Khor HC.
  • Patients registered in either Madinat Khalifa, or Um Selal and Al Gharafah HCs, shall receive the service in Madinat Khalifa HC.

A great suggestion to those travelling, make sure you ask the embassy of the country you are travelling to if any specific vaccinations are required for you to take before travelling. Most embassies have that information on hand at all times, and their lists get updated regularly. If you are not going to the embassy for any official paper work, then you can check out that embassy’s website for details.

Of course, children need to be vaccinated as well, especially infants. (Another article will be posted shortly about children vaccinations, stay tuned). Make sure that you ask your doctor about what vaccinations work for your child and what is recommended for them as well.

As always, remember to be safe and consume food that is cooked properly and drink lots of clean water. Be vigilant of your surroundings and enjoy your vacation!

Coming back to Qatar, you also need to check for diseases or infections, so it is recommended that you do a blood test or a general check up with your doctor to make sure that you are set and ready to go back to work or school. Some doctors recommend that you take a blood test before travelling as well to ensure that you do not overindulge on vacation in any way that affects your

Travelling Soon? Get Your Vaccinations In Qatar!
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