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The respiratory tract virus that has infected thousands across the globe and taken the lives of many, is no different than the common cold when it comes to symptoms. In the UAE, 570 people have fallen victim, 58 of which have recovered. Three deaths have been recorded up-till now. The cases are expected to be controlled with the lockdown implemented, however, nothing can be said as of yet. You can be tested for the coronavirus at government clinics and hospitals only if you have the following symptoms; cough, fever, tiredness and difficulty breathing and it usually takes 48-72 hours for the laboratory to get the results back to you.

In these chaotic times of need, Meddy has launched the Covid-19 Symptom Checker, a close to accurate free online symptom evaluator that anyone can take, anywhere at any time. The questions take 2 minutes to answer and the results are displayed on the screen as soon as the individual finishes. The options selected generate one of the following three possibilities:

1.      Based on your responses, you seem to be at LOW RISK for COVID-19. If you still have concerns, please be informed that Department of Health has set up “Estijaba” service; a dedicated, round-the-clock call center to answer all the questions and inquiries related to COVID-19

2.      Based on your responses, you would benefit from consulting with a doctor to discuss your symptoms and assess your risks for COVID-19. Visit the nearest healthcare facility to get your symptoms checked.

3.      Based on your responses, you might be at RISK for COVID-19. We recommend staying home and calling the “Estijaba” service - Department of Health on 8001717.

If your result shows the first option, you're most likely out of the danger zone. If you get the second option, you should visit a doctor to rule out any possibility of having the virus. The third option entails a high probability of the test-taker being infected.

The results are based on the answers picked but for a final diagnosis, it is vital to see a doctor.

Click here to get tested for Covid-19 symptoms.

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The Covid-19 Symptom Checker | Get Checked For Free Within 2 Minutes
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