Stop Your Cravings from Controlling You Today!

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You’re sitting and watching TV after a very long and stressful day, how likely is it that you are thinking of food? According to research, your mind holds lots of stimulus that trigger a response of craving for something.

Food really does affect us in ways we have never understood. It can bring feelings of comfort, sadness, guilt, or even remind us of someone or something in our past. The food you hate will trigger bad memories of why you hate it in the first place, the food you love will bring back memories of how you loved it.

Research has also dug deeper into the origins of cravings when it comes to food and how that might lead you to over indulging. A new Danish Study showed that three main food groups are the most triggering of cravings.

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Control Sugar Craving

eating too much sugar symptoms

Craved usually when you’re stressed or tired, sugar is a comfort food that keeps you happy and gives you a good boost in energy. Usually your body would burn this and digest it quickly. However, consuming too much can disrupt the hormones responsible for keeping you full. Added sugars can also be causing iron deficiency, diabetes, and perhaps even cancer. According to the study, sugar is the most common craving, where men reach 68%, and 97% of women have sugar cravings.

Fat Craving

chips are not good for your health

Craved usually when you’re stressed too, high-fat foods are considered the reward you provide yourself when you seek comfort. They cause the release of dopamine according to the study. High fat foods are usually helpful to fuel you when you are unable to find carbs and sugar. Fat food helps absorb nutrients in the blood stream. However, too much of one thing can never be too good.

Protein Craving

protien for cravings

The amino acids in proteins stimulate your taste buds so you tend to crave this food essentially when you smell it. The idea of a sizzling steak or a juicy cheeseburger will start watering your mouth instantly. Protein helps your body in more ways than one and helps keep you full in good calories.

Ask your doctor about eating too much of these foods and how you can restrict your indulgence.

Knowing that these foods might be causing you some other health problems as well as those listed above, a list to help you get the nutritional value without the disadvantages just happens to be available. Here is what you need to replace these foods with to keep you and your family healthy:

Instead of sugar like candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, try:

  • Berries – natural antioxidant
  • Yogurt – healthy sugars
  • Dried fruits – natural fruit sugars
  • unsweetened cocoa – antioxidant properties
fruits for controlling cravings

Instead of fat like: chips, fries, bread, try:

  • guacamole – helps with digestion
  • feta cheese – good fats
  • all natural ingredient pizza – antioxidant from tomato
  • peanut butter – helps with good fats
cheese to control cravings and protein

Instead of protein like: steak, turkey, and cheeseburgers, try

eggs for cravings
Stop Your Cravings from Controlling You Today!
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