Keeping Your Braces Clean Has Just Gotten Easier! Tips for Easier Cleaning

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The need for braces has differed throughout the years. However, their purpose of aligning the teeth and making a brighter smile more beautiful, has not yet diminished. For more on the different types of braces you can have, read this article!


To understand how to properly clean your braces, perhaps you need to first understand exactly what they are fixing for you to ensure that your cleaning goes with your healing. Here are some of the most common problems solved by braces:


  • Crowding of teeth

braces clean crowded teeth

This is probably one of the most common reasons that people get braces. It is mostly also found in children. It is essentially when there is not enough space in your mouth for all the new teeth you have. This can lead to your teeth being crooked or overlapping. This of course leads to lots of food getting stuck between the teeth that are hard to clean with a simple toothbrush causing a number of problems from difficulty eating to tooth decay.


Cleaning tip: if you are getting orthodontic treatment for this type of problem, then you should make sure to use a smaller brush and lots of floss to ensure you clean every aspect of your teeth that may be overlapping or are close to each other. Check with your dentist.


  • Overbite

braces clean overbite dentists in qatar

An overbite is when your front teeth (top) overlap your bottom teeth. This overlap varies depending on the case. However, it can bring with a number of issues including the risk of damage to your front teeth due to trauma or injury, as well as complications when it comes to other dental work including cosmetic dentistry and veneers.


Cleaning tip: if you are getting orthodontic treatment for this type of problem, then you should make sure to floss after every meal especially the teeth in the back. Also, ask your dentist of any other options for treatment.


  • Crossbite

cross bite braces clean in qatar

Our teeth should be able to close together perfectly in the back of our mouth. A crossbite is abnormal where the upper tooth is behind the lower tooth it is opposing. This can cause lots of issues including damage to your gums, fractures or excessive grinding of the teeth, and asymmetric jaw growth.


Cleaning tip: if you are getting orthodontic treatment for this type of problem, then you should make sure to get a regular checkup with your dentist and ensure that flossing and using sensitive toothpaste is in your daily routine.


  • Underbite

underbite in qatar orthodontic treatment dr Fadi wehda

An underbite is the opposite of an overbite. It is when your lower teeth are sticking further than your upper teeth. This is associated with jaw misalignments or disproportionate sizes. It can lead to serious problems such as difficulty biting and chewing, it also makes you age faster and may make your face look unbalanced.


Cleaning tip: if you are getting orthodontic treatment for this type of problem, then you should make sure to seek a dentist’s advice on treatment and make sure you floss after every meal, as well as clean your tongue.


Keeping Your Braces Clean:

keeping braces clean in qatar best orthodontist

We discussed the different issues that may be leading you to get braces. However, now we need to understand the types of braces you can get and how to clean them. Here are the most commonly sought out treatments:


  • Traditional type

Dentists recommend the use of the little orthodontic brush to make sure that the brackets are clean along with the wire cutting across them.


  • Lingual

Dentists will have to continuously adjust this type of orthodontic treatment, so you should use a soft brush with flossing to ensure you have gotten to the tooth without hurting yourself. Dentists recommend the use of orthodontic wax as well which might help you with your cleaning process.


  • Ceramic braces

These little brackets are amazing for those who don’t want to show their braces. However, they stain very easy as they are the same color as the tooth or are clear. Just like the traditional brackets, a soft brush, an orthodontic little brush and continuous mouthwash helps you keeps those little brackets clean.


  • Invisalign

As this type of orthodontic treatment is removable. Washing them with your toothpaste can be very good. There are some solutions used to keep them clean as well. However, each dentist would recommend his or her own favorite cleaning tool. Just ask!


And, there you have it! Bright, clean braces for a bright future smile! Book an appointment with our top orthodontists for a consultation!






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