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We’re in the mid of 2021, with vaccines for the pandemic rolling out and economies getting back on track. However, most of us are still unsure of how this year will be in terms of health and well-being. Whilst we do not know what surprises the universe has for us, we can still make a good estimate as to how healthy and mentally equipped you’ll be to deal with the remaining 2021.

Answer the following questions as accurately as you can!

You will need your BMI (Body Mass Index) for this quiz, click here to calculate it!


Mostly A’s – You’re Looking Forward to a Happening Year

Amidst the outbreak, you’ve survived well and still have your life on track. You’re focused, productive and know that you’ll make the right decisions. You’re expected to have a happy year health-wise since you know to do everything within limits. However, every now and then, do opt for a small break to unwind from the stress!

Mostly B’s – You’re in the Right Direction but not There Quite Yet.

Your mind is a little occupied and you need to set some rules to stay on track. You should prioritize and make a plan. This will help put things in perspective for you. The year will be on your side if you plan it out well.

Mostly C’s – You’re Struggling

We are all in this together but that does mean that we can use the pandemic as an excuse to procrastinate. Start with the little things and then slowly build yourself to what you were before the outbreak. Even if things haven’t worked out in your way, keep at it. Good things and better health is just around the corner. And oh, book an appointment with the dentist ASAP!


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How will 2021 be for me? | Health and Wellness UAE
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