How to Banish Your Dark Circles Once and For All

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You might have found yourself searching for tips to get rid of the dark circles quite some times. We’ve all been there. The truth is that these stubborn circles under the eyes make us look older, tired and well – not our best.

For some people, they are quite literally there because of their parents – it turns out that you can require the puffiness under your mother’s eyes. But for others, factors such as stress, fatigue, aging, eye strain, allergies, dehydration and overexposure to the sun can cause dark circles.

We’re all different people and so, the color, texture and nature of our skin is unique. It is important to understand that whilst this article will give you effective remedies to banish those dark circles for good, visiting a dermatologist will help you decipher your skin type and its needs.

1.      Don’t sacrifice sleep

Our body needs its rest. Think of it as a machine. You cannot keep it turned on 24/7 and expect it to work the next day with full efficiency. Our body is no different. What it feels soon starts to appear on the face. Doctors also recommend sleeping in an elevated position to help reduce puffiness and swelling.

Before and after image showing dermatology treatment for eye puffiness.
A good doctor can work wonders for your skin!

2.      Apply soaked tea bags

Feel like that Hollywood diva, lying down with cucumbers on your eyes or tea bags under them. The bags contain caffeine and antioxidants that shrink blood vessels, regulate oxygen supply and make your skin look radiant. Soak the tea bags in hot water for a couple of minutes and then refrigerate them for use. Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory impact that reduces swelling.

3.      Use sunscreen

Even if you don’t go out in the sun much, use sunscreen! It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the sun because the sun rays can damage your skin in minutes. Invest in a good sunscreen that doesn’t cause greasiness and suits your skin.

Fun Fact: Consuming excess salt causes dehydration which results in puffiness under the eyes. It also causes water retention which leads to bloating. Cut back on that salt!

4.      Check your makeup

Sometimes it’s the product that we’re using which is causing pigmentation resulting in dark patches under the eyes. Check your products and make sure that they’re skin-friendly. Moreover, if you’re fond of makeup and you know that it doesn’t irritate your skin, use it to your advantage! You can easily conceal your dark circles with good makeup skills. Poof! And they’re gone.

5.      Opt for medical treatment

Do you know that there are specific treatments to eliminate dark circles? Chemical peels, laser surgery, medical tattoos, tissue fillers and surgical implants are some permanent options if the medication does not do the trick. It’s 2019 and most of them have become common practice so if you’re looking to enhance your beauty, go for it!

Woman applying teabags to eyes.
After your morning tea, save the teabags for your eyes!

Fun Fact: Dark chocolate helps reduce dark circles! It's considered a super-food, rich in nutrients.

Remember, having dark circles isn’t always your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, it can also be a sign of aging, and to age gracefully, you can visit a skin specialist for anti-aging treatment. Other than that, most people spend their lives with dark circles and rock the look so if you’re not keen to experiment on your face, know that you’re beautiful.


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How to Banish Your Dark Circles Once and For All
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