Here’s How Art Therapy Can Benefit Your Child

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“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a creative form of psychotherapy which allows the individual to heal, express freedom and channel other emotions through the medium of art. It has proven to help people decipher their feelings, eliminate addictions, relieve anxiety, depression, and cope with traumas and illnesses.

Woman filling colors in an adult coloring book whilst having tea, chocolate and blueberries.
Adult and kids coloring books are a great way to reduce anxiety!

How can art therapy benefit my child?

Children no matter what age, might not be fond of voicing their opinions and feelings but art can help awaken their inner emotions and allow them to communicate by engaging their senses in an artistic manner. Art has no rules and it welcomes all so the child feels loved, accepted and is able to paint and pen down his feelings. Art therapy is not just for children who are introverts, children will disabilities and children having gone through stuff. It is for each and every child out there as it helps in the child’s psychological development.

1) Art therapy allows children to create bonds and step out of their comfort zone at an early age. This makes them confident and enables them to become social adults and perform better in life.

2) Emotionally, the child is able to understand the different perspectives of people around him and this helps him become understanding and trusting as he grows up.

3) Art is not only limited to colors, paint, and drawing. Surely, those are a part of it, but the therapy makes the child exercise his cognitive abilities to the fullest, which makes him learn new things every day. Children tend to learn shapes, numbers, identify patterns, polish their observation skills and also end up developing a thought process.

Image showing that intelligent children need time for art too.
Give your child the freedom to explore! 

4) Children learn that art is an escape, a happy place – a way for them to cope with stress instead of resorting to tantrums and anger.

5) Art therapy causes muscle movement of the body and it plays a significant role in the physical development of the child. If you feel that your child’s physical development is slow, it is best to make him have a physical assessment from expert doctors to stay on the safe side.

6) Art therapy also helps the child grow into a self-motivated adult with good self-esteem.

Some common types of art therapy include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, writing, photography, digital art, and textiles.

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How can art therapy benefit me?

Art therapy is not just for children. Psychologists all over the world recommend art therapy for adults to help manage their emotions, deal with past traumas, manage stress, help build healthy relationships and make peace with uncomfortable feelings that they can otherwise not accept.

Man getting art therapy from a therapist.
You're never too old for art!

This therapy is a fun and positive distraction for you and your child. It is a great way to bond with your family and it helps the child focus on the better things in life.

If you feel that your child’s day-to-day abilities are being impacted and you are concerned that it might be an alarming sign, click here to book an appointment at the earliest with the best doctors for child development and behavior in UAE.


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Here’s How Art Therapy Can Benefit Your Child
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