Why Fidget Spinners should stop spinning.

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The newest trend has arrived and it has not died out yet. Various sources and media outlets are reporting on this new toy that is sweeping the world. But Is it time to put the spinning to rest?

Fidget spinners have been around for years; it is not a newly discovered toy. Spinning objects to distract yourself is a behavior that always existed. However, the three-headed spinners were designed originally for children with autism to make them focus on one thing that they have control over.

autistic child using fidget spinners for therapy

Present day, fidget spinners are marketed as a tool to relieve stress and anxiety, like a spinning stress ball. The motion felt on the fingers works as vibrations to stimulate the nerves, which allow the body to feel more relaxed. However, that can also be said about the use of stress balls, dancing, and playing a musical instrument.

Fidget spinners have taken over social media to ridiculous levels. People may have started using them as stress relieving but in most videos, it’s about the skills acquired from using it that are taking over. Some have even gone to unacceptable lengths causing actual health concerns to scare parents everywhere.

Not to be dramatic about it, but the toy went from a healthy tool used by children that really need it, to it being the new “it” accessory that every child, teen, and adult had to have for society not to think they are “backwards”!

fidget spinners tricks that hurt the kids health

The ridiculous exposure this “toy” has received include:

  • Using it as an accessory for your phone by supergluing it or using a hot glue gun
  • Using it to make nail art that require you to use metals, sharp blades, and industrial saws
  • Using it as a prank on your grandparents or your parents or even bothering your pets with it!
  • Using it to create or recreate tricks or “skills” that require you to attach dangerous objects like blades on the sides of the spinners. WHY??!!
  • Using it as a disco ball by adding LED lights that flash as you spin it. (Major health concern)
  • Using it to consume food, or mix drinks because for some reason, it is a great idea to use something that spins so fast, so close to your body!
  • Using it as “content” to help you get more subscribers, followers, comments, etc.

Beyond these fidget spinners causing some major headaches for those who are not fans or have just had enough of them; These spinners are actually raising some major health concerns that scientists are starting to look into “relieving the public from them.”

Whether you’re all for it or against it, you really need to pay attention to these health risks, because you might be putting your life and the lives of others at risk.

Choking hazard

Dozens have been hospitalized for choking on pieces of fidget spinners or as a result of attempting pranks or tricks. The worst of which had to go through surgery to remove broken pieces stuck in their throat or body. The most reported on case was of a 10-year-old who broke the spinner in her mouth while cleaning it. Video proof of these choking injuries and other injuries are all over YouTube. Toddlers are likely to put a lot of things in their mouth, try to keep them away from these fidget spinners at all cost.

fidget spinners choking hazard for toddlers and children

Electric shock

Although electricity is somewhat safe in Qatar because of the switches that cut the current off in outlets, there may be some faulty ones or ones that do not have switches, which can lead to electric shock. Various warnings have surfaced about children placing the spinners near electric outlets and experiencing electric shock. Dangerous tricks performed by daredevils on the internet can also promote such a behavior. Make sure you know where your child is playing, and insulate all the outlets just in case.

Cuts or infections from cuts

As mentioned earlier in the article, people have attached objects to the spinners just to see what would happen or in an attempt to inspire a new trend to get adrenalin going. Cuts have reportedly happened through bits of the spinners falling off or breaking, or because of a sharp object attached to it, like razor blades, scissors, or even paper. Reports have also surfaced about people being almost hospitalized for infections from cuts that were not tended to immediately. If you want to have a fidget spinner, then ensure that nothing is attached to it and that they are cleaned often. (but don’t clean them with your mouth)

fidget spinners designs can put you in hospital

Tricks gone wrong

The number of videos showing the tricks and “skills” of fidget spinning are overwhelming to say the least, from getting cut by paper, to choking on the spinner, to even getting some teeth chipped off because of a #fail, you can clearly see how “creative” people think they are getting. Various videos on social media show some pretty graphic injuries suffered from spinners that should have otherwise easily been avoided. Make sure you are not taking inspiration from daredevils or adrenalin junkies, tricks don’t need to be dangerous to be fun to watch or do. If you don’t know how to do it, and your gut tells you, you shouldn’t, then don’t! Adding lights to it may also trigger epileptic seizures or dizziness as well.


Obviously, setting your fidget spinner on fire or lighting matches attached to it, will burn you. However, some people believed they were invincible and decided it was a good idea to do it, film it, then post it on the internet. Great! Now the whole world knows how smart you are! Please do not set your fidget spinner on fire, or anything else for that matter. Parents, please be vigilant and stop this ridiculous behavior!

fidget spinners broken pieces might choke you or kids

Production dangers

Some research is now showing that the material used to make fidget spinners may be making your children sick. Studies have shown high levels of lead in “off brands” fidget spinners, metals and shards of glass have been found in some differently designed ones, and most spinners are only attached by several glue or silicon ribbons that do not guarantee they are secure at all times. ***Do not place the fidget spinners near your mouth, eyes, ears, nose, or skin in general

Why Fidget Spinners should stop spinning.
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