Are You Eating Right for Your Body Type?

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When we consume food, we don’t usually think about what it does to our body immediately before eating it or thinking about it. We consume food when we are hungry, and more than likely, that food can be harming our body. So, how do we know what to eat to maintain our health and our beautiful skin? Here is a breakdown:

Multiple studies have shown that certain body types experience fluctuation in body fat storage and certain areas in particular can be targeted to help you lose weight.

Losing weight does not always mean that it is healthy. We need to be moderate with our diet, just as we are moderate with the rest of our lives. “Beautiful skin lives on a healthy body,” said Dr. Iman Al Haj, body contouring expert and plastic surgeon at Tadawi Medical Center. “You have to be in your optimum health and weight to enjoy healthy skin and a younger look.”

dr. iman al haj plastic surgeon in qatar

Although many of us know that fast foods and refined sugars may cause severe breakouts to our skin, we usually ignore that fact to have that delicious burger or crunchy fries. However, science has proven that these foods don’t even break down properly within our digestive system so why continue consuming them?

Here the 4 main body types that most people have. Look at some of these attributes to find out how you should eat to fit your body type and lose weight naturally:

body type for most women and some men apple pear rectangle hourglass


Although we all dream of having that perfect hourglass shape, this body type actually gains weight evenly throughout their entire body. This means that they can also lack muscle tone if they do not fully take care of themselves. They risk having high levels of blood sugar, so it is recommended that people with this body type consume five to six small meals rather than all the food at once. It would also be very good to consume food with low glycemic index, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein food. If losing weight is an issue, try removing refined bread, noodles, and dried fruits and nuts from your daily diet.

Apple (circle)

This body type usually gains weight in the midsection. Eating smaller portions often can help you balance out your diet properly. You can eat more than 5 times a day but reduce your portion to less than half your normal portions now. The best food for you is food rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, vitamin C, and low fat dairy, that are helpful for digestion. Food such as bread, fast food, and refined sugars that promotes gas and swelling should be avoided. Not all vegetables are good for this body type. cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, as these also cause bloating to the stomach. Basic food to completely avoid are carbohydrates.


This shape is usually attributed to narrow hips and undefined hips. Although you are less likely to gain weight rapidly, you should condition your body to consuming healthy fats, such as Avocados, almonds, and salmon. Intervals between meals should be about 4 hours.

Pear (triangle)

This body shape usually has a more visibly accentuated lower section than upper section. Leaving most of their food to be stored directly in their lower body. If this body type gained weight, it is more likely in the hips and thighs. Experiencing water retention can happen more often for this body type as well. Food excellent for your body type is meat, eggs, fish, seafood, dairy products, green vegetables, and food rich in protein. Adding tomatoes or tomato juice to your diet can also boost your metabolism allowing you to lose weight faster. Fruits with lots of water like watermelon and pineapples are great to relieve your body from toxins prior to starting a diet, especially if you can mix them with herbal drinks or teas like green tea. This type should avoid high sodium food, and reducing your salt and refined food intake.

The three main and most important rules to all these body types are:

  • Do not consume refined sugars, sweets or carbonated drinks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise daily
body type need to drink lots of water to stay healthy infographic

According to Dr. Al Haj, “Drinking enough water (half your body weight in ounces in water) is essential to maintain healthy weight and beautiful skin. If you are 120 lbs you need 60 ounces of water a day which is 6 to 7 bottles.” This will achieve “Optimum health and stable hormones for both males and females.”

body type should seek supplements like this vitamin filled pill

If you are unable to maintain consuming good portions of food and maintain your ideal weight, then supplements could be your solution. “Great supplement regimen is all we need as our sophisticated diet can never give us what we need while eating ample portions,” said Dr. Al Haj. These supplements are better prescribed from a medical professional or a dietician as they range from vitamin, mineral, zinc, iron, and even omega 3 supplements that might be dangerous to consume without an indication as to what the body is missing. Dr. Al Haj recommends visiting a doctor specialized in this or a dietician at Tadawi Medical Centre “to enjoy a great variety of supplements for your body, by top research certified companies in the U.S.”

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Are You Eating Right for Your Body Type?
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