Dr. Stacey Phillpots: Holistic Healer in Family Medicine

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Personable, gentle, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of health from a primary care perspective, The International Medical Centre’s Dr. Stacey Phillpots comes highly recommended in her specialist field of Family Medicine.

“A Family Medicine Consultant may act as a gatekeeper to authorizing access to specialist services, hospital care and diagnostic tests. In some countries, it is actually required that a patient be reviewed by a Family Medicine Consultant (or General Practitioner) before they can access a Consultant who is specialized in a certain area of Medicine” says Dr. Phillpots, who is inspired by her job as a holistic healer to all members of a family.  “In many instances, however, further referral is not actually necessary as Family Medicine Consultants tend to be experienced in all areas of healthcare, as part of the specialised training that they undertake.”

Fascinated at a young age by human biology, Dr. Phillpots was a child who watched documentaries about the “why, when, and how” scientific aspects of the human body with intent. “It seemed a natural progression to then pursue a career in medicine,” she said.

Dr. Phillpots family medicine in Doha

The biggest milestone of becoming a doctor was not when Dr. Phillpots received her white coat, but rather when she started medical school.

“It was a mixture of anticipation and excitement, and not really knowing what to expect. I went to Leicester University Medical School, which at the time was the youngest medical school in the United Kingdom. Leicester had a very different and modern approach to teaching medicine, as it was a very integrated course with a large emphasis on psychology, sociology, epidemiology and what was termed ‘Man in Society.’ As a result, we were trained to think holistically from the start.” she said.

Dr. Phillpots dedicates her time to focusing on the patient in their entirety. Her University training allows her to explore the psychology behind patients, their behaviors, and illnesses. “When I started in the first year of medical school, we were each allocated a family to follow as part of a two year project. This was so that we can see the impact of any particular health problem, regardless of what it was, and understand how it was dealt with from the patient’s point of view, as opposed to a doctor’s perspective,” she added.

The International Medical Centre

Traveling has been a major part of Dr. Phillpots‘ life, especially now that she is in Qatar. With 20+ years’ medical experience under her belt, she also enjoys taking the time to travel and explore. She is also passionate about the arts, particularly music and theatre. “All three of my daughters are very creative in music and arts. I also like sports such as swimming, running and walking, I really enjoy outdoor activities when I get the chance.”

**“My tips for general health are that if you have a gut feeling that something is not quite right, whether it involves yourself or family members, then follow your instincts because often these tend to be correct. It is also sensible to talk about any health concerns with a professional – we are here to help. Listen to yourself, and follow that feeling.” – Dr. Stacey Phillpots. **

Praising her workplace, The International Medical Centre, Dr. Phillpots said, “We are very lucky to be working in such a lovely environment; I am very happy here and feel really fortunate to be able to provide such a valuable service to the people of Qatar.”

The International Medical Centre

As well as being an arts enthusiast, traveler and promoter of an active lifestyle, Dr. Stacey Phillpots is a caring, dedicated, and compassionate holistic Family Medicine Consultant – a

Dr. Stacey Phillpots: Holistic Healer in Family Medicine
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