Coronavirus expected to end soon in the UAE

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With 11,400 cases and 89 deaths reported in the UAE, the residents are wondering how and when the coronavirus will end. The government has put a curfew for individuals to not leave their houses from 8 pm to 6 am, after which only one family member can leave for essentials. The lockdown is intact, and the Ramadan festivities have come to a halt. 80% of the workforce is working remotely, and children are taking online classes.

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Due to the high levels of uncertainty and months of self-isolation and social distancing, the mental health of the UAE residents is being impacted. Understanding that not everyone will be able to deal with the situation well, The National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing, UAE has launched a national campaign for mental support.

A breakthrough study by a team of top scientists and researchers in Singapore have analyzed the virus patterns and have put forward predictions of it ending for each country. Luo, the director of Data-Driven Innovation Lab told Arab News that estimating the end dates has helped a lot of people deal with mental stress. ‘It is as accurate as it gets,’ he said.

The susceptible-infected-recovered model is achieved through complex mathematical models and it has given them the data for 131 countries including that of the UAE. According to it, 97% of coronavirus will end around May 22 and 100% will end around July 23. Compared to neighboring countries, the statistics show a faster end for the UAE.

Even though the research is deemed to take all possibilities into account, if any external and unknown external factors occur, such as the lift of the lockdown, weather change, etc. the results may vary.

According to Khaleej Times, an interesting prediction being shared across the world was that of the coronavirus in a book written in 2008. The author stated that a ‘severe pneumonia-like illness’ would take over the world in 2020. It’s called The End of Days by Sylvia Brown and has been the talk of the town. It says, ‘the disease will spread rapidly and then vanish as quickly as it arrived.’

Baffling claims and controversies have existed since the virus first emerged but this recent study is backed up by codes from Milan Batista and data from Our World in Data and been put forward after detailed monitoring of the pandemic life cycle.

According to the Gulf News, a major factor that will help flatten the virus curve in the UAE is the upscaling of testing people for COVID-19. The rigorous and early testing will help give time to take effective measures against the transmission. This has to be paired up with social distancing and other restrictions in place.

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Coronavirus expected to end soon in the UAE
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