7 Serious Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee

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We all get to that age where we try various “weak” coffee combinations to get used to the taste, then start slowly transitioning to the heavy caffeinated ones, espresso shots and Turkish.

Granted after a while you can’t imagine your mornings without that hot coffee but **is your body telling you to ease up on the caffeine? **

Here are some clear signs that you should cut back on coffee for a while:

Lack of sleep

Obviously, the caffeine works to keep you awake and motivated. However, what happens when you consume too much at once and your body starts to adapt to the high intake? This can very easily change your morphological clock to hinder your sleep even more than the obvious afternoon nap or morning snoozes. Reports have stated that people who drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day can suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation, as well as constant brain activity when in a relaxed position, which in turn doesn’t allow you to relax your mind with your body.

coffee causes lack of sleep


Not being able to sleep and not maintaining good rest can really mess with your brain activity. Anxiety can happen from multiple reasons but one is over-thinking and lack of sleep. Increasing the chances of anxiety comes from drinking too much coffee. The caffeine changes your biological clock and so does not relax you or allow you to relax your mind. Those jitters at night and overthinking would lead to sever anxiety according to experts from Harvard University. Avoid drinking caffeine before bed or even after 6 pm, as this allows time for the caffeine to leave your blood stream as you burn calories while awake.

High heart rate

Coffee is known to boost concentration. However, too much of one thing can be quite dangerous. Caffeine can increase your heart rate dramatically as it flows through your blood stream. Studies have shown that all it takes is one cup of coffee to increase your heart rate to double what it originally was. This is not normal for your body when you exercise, so imagine if you are getting this from a drink?!

Stomach irritation

Substances such as catechols and caffeine found in most coffees can cause inflammations and bloating to the stomach and intestine. Avoid this by adding some milk to your coffee the next time you are thinking of getting a coffee.

coffee causes high blood pressure


Related to the stomach irritations, heartburn can occur for multiple reasons. However, new research has shown that coffee, although usually drank after meals to “wash all the food down” can actually be quite dangerous to consume. Increased heart rate can also contribute to heartburn and clogging of the arteries.

High blood pressure

Forget the caffeine, we also put lots of sugar in our coffee, if you don’t, then good for you! High blood pressure can really be caused by consuming the mixture of sugar and coffee. The sugar will spike up your blood sugar levels and insulin. The coffee will increase your heart rate making it pump more blood to your system. Those two mixed together will increase your blood flow dramatically causing high blood pressure.

coffee can cause depression


Substances like chocolate, herbs, and some fruits can actually uplift your mood. On the other hand, coffee, fast food, and carbonated drinks can lead to depression. Your body is amazing; it can tell you what food is right for you and what isn’t. Foods high in sugar, saturated fat, and salt have adverse effects on your brain as well. This in turn can cause depression, anxiety, and lots of other mental health problems.

The increase in blood pressure, lack of sleep, and constant anxiety can also contribute to the feeling of depression as your body is unable to relax and rest properly leaving you feeling frustrated.

**Are you suffering from any of these signs?

7 Serious Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee
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