5 Skincare Tips to Combat Winter Season

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The snow might not wrap itself around your area this winter, but the weather forecasters predict heavy rainfall and chilly winds knocking your windows at night. You can protect your body with woolen scarfs and leather jackets but how will you protect your face?

Before we tell you how to protect your face, let us tell you what the winter does to your skin:

·         It steals away the moisture making the skin dry.

·         It irritates the skin and makes it itchy and flaky.

·         It can leave painful cracks in your skin.

·         It can worsen your acne.

·         Dry winter skin can also result in eczema.

With the festive season and winter holidays just around the corner, it’s time for your skin to regain its shine, appear supple and well hydrated and here’s how you can get that flawless skin!

1.      Understand your skin’s needs

Your skin is different than your friend Ayesha’s, which means that the products that work well on her skin might irritate yours. Understand your skin type and the best way to do so is to make an appointment with a good dermatologist. Without knowing what type of skin you have, you might end up worsening the skin’s condition, adding a problem that did not exist before, or even giving your skin an allergy. The skin specialist will address all your concerns and give you tips specific to your skin.

Skin specialist examining a female patient's skin.
Your dermatologist knows your skin best!

2.      Moisturize away the dryness

Now that you know your skin type, it is time for you to moisturize it daily. Stick to a moisturizer with natural and nourishing ingredients that can leave your skin radiant and supple all day long. Don’t forget your hands and feet! They need to be moisturized too.

Old American woman moisturizing her skin.
Your skin needs its fuel!

Hakeem’s Tip: Try to moisturize right after you shower to lock the dampness in, and before you sleep so that your skin feels hydrated all night long.

3.      Drink plenty of water

Many people skip their water routine in winters knowing that they’ll have to use the toilet more often. But that’s wrong! The water will make sure that it washes away the toxins in your body, leaving you clear, and acne-free skin.

Note: If you constantly find yourself making trips to the loo, book an appointment with a top urologist. Frequent urination can be sign of diabetes, pregnancy and other bladder and kidney problems.

Woman drinking water after a refreshing run.
Water is your body's bff!

Hakeem’s Fact: During the winter, the air is drier and water evaporates from your body much faster.

4.      Say no to long showers

Whilst it is tempting to let the hot, steaming water refresh your mind and soul on a stormy winter evening, make the happiness short! Reduce your showers to ten minutes at most and that too with lukewarm water, because hot water will rob your skin’s moisture.

Handsome Afro American man showering.
Don't let the steam strip your skin off its natural beauty!

5.      Don’t ditch the sunscreen

It might be winters but the bright sun’s UV rays can permanently damage your skin. Even if you’re running a quick errand, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to add a protective layer to your skin. If you notice redness on your child’s skin, it is vital to get the toddler’s skin checked to eliminate the possibility of any alarming skin conditions.

Woman enjoying the winter sun whilst putting sunscreen on her face.
The sunlight is refreshing when you've got sunscreen on!

Bonus Hakeem’s Tip: Exercise! It may be a tad uncomfortable to get out of the comfort of your blanket, but exercising your body will help your heart pump blood faster and will automatically be able to see the results on your skin!

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5 Skincare Tips to Combat Winter Season
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