5 Signs You May Need Braces

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“Teeth are always in style!” – Dr. Seuss

Smiling is a part of our personality and we all want a perfect grin that exposes our white, clean and aligned teeth, don’t we? Well, whilst some people are naturally blessed with great teeth, a huge number of us might need dental treatments to get that ideal smile. A survey suggests that only in the US alone, over 5 million people wear braces and 25% of them are adults! (Which means that you’re never too old to get a splendid smirk!)

Ideally, you should book an appointment with a dentist to get your teeth examined. A good dentist’s advice is the best way to go about it because everyone has a unique pair of teeth. But, if you want to self-examine, here are five signs that you may need braces:

1)      You have difficulty in biting and chewing

If you have issues in biting your food and struggle with chewing food properly, your teeth might not be perfectly aligned. If your upper and lower set of teeth are not positioned properly, you might be having an ‘overbite’, ‘crossbite’ or ‘underbite’ which can be treated with braces.

tooth sensitivity when eating ice-cream
It shouldn't hurt to eat your favorite food! 

2)      You have space between your teeth

If you have small or uneven sized teeth, or if the space between your teeth is more than usual (also known as diastema), then you can have issues with munching on food. Spacing can be fixed by braces.

 the space between two teeth
Spread the love, bring your teeth together!

3)      Your teeth are crooked

Often individuals with crooked teeth aren’t satisfied with their physical appearance which causes low self-esteem. It may also cause people to hide their smile or be insecure about it. In today’s world, dental procedures can award you the smile you deserve. You can view the best dentists to get braces from in Dubai, UAE here.

a woman showing her crooked teeth
Crooked teeth = Brushing Problems

4)      Food gets stuck in your teeth

If you brush your teeth but your meal still remains stuck between your teeth, then you probably need to get your teeth aligned. If food stuck between teeth isn’t brushed off properly, cavities can form which may result in permanent tooth decay damage.

food stuck in-between teeth
The spaces food shouldn't be!

5)      Your dentist recommends that you get braces

If you do not see an obvious reason to get braces but your dentist has advised you to get them, you probably should! Remember, the procedure will only last a few months or years but the results will be worth it! If you’re scared of getting braces, consult a good dental expert who can walk you through the steps.

a smiling woman after getting braces
Your dentist knows what's best for you!

If you want to look at the type of braces you can get, click here.

Your teeth are a part of your identity and it is only natural to want the best for them. Like they say, “Life is short, smile till you still have teeth!”


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5 Signs You May Need Braces
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