5 Benefits of Telemedicine Appointment for Clinics

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In the world of today, technology has defined every field of work: it has impacted all fields of life, and the medical industry is just one of many. Telemedicine can allow patients to seek treatment no matter where they are and enable doctors to offer it, and during these trying times of the pandemic, it has helped keep patients connected with doctors, globally.

Here are five reasons that explain the increased popularity of the telehealth sector and also reasons as to why you as a clinic should be offering telemedicine services:

1- Your Revenue is Increased, Time is Saved and Efforts are Reduced.

Video visits are more productive than face to face ones. This implies that doctors can see more patients during the same hours. Clinics can rapidly experience revenue growth when there is no need to add providers, office staff, or office space. Tools like Meddy's HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform allow the doctor to treat patients from the comfort of their homes, take notes, read patient records, and prescribe medicine via SMS. This allows the doctors to operate more efficiently with a fewer probability of error.

2- You can Schedule Appointments Anytime

Since there is no restriction of clinic timings, practices can extend hours and operate from anywhere at any time. Doctors can offer schedules best suited to their needs. Furthermore, no physical staff needs to be present on the weekends. If you still haven’t looked up Meddy, do it: this easily navigational telemedicine tool allows hassle-free rescheduling and cancelling of appointments.

3- You Satisfy Your Current Patients and Attract More Patients

Patients are bound to agree with proposals for follow-up arrangements if those suggestions can be directed by means of video. Video visits are additionally a powerful way of expanding patient commitment in way of treating chronic conditions, following-up, keeping an eye on the conditions etc.  As per American Medical Society's surveys,  patients are most likely to feel fulfilled, or considerably more happy with telemedicine visits. Running online advertisements, sharing doctor reviews, offering online telehealth  family discounts is a great way to retain current patients and target potential patients. Meddy's telemedicine tool allows patients to rate and review their doctors, get amazing discounts on both virtual and in-clinic appointments and clinics on-board with the doctor booking platform can have their services advertised on social media platforms.

4- Your Work/Life Balance is Improved

Telemedicine gives healthcare providers the choice to work part of the time, or to attend to patients outside of the office hours. Indeed, numerous doctors find that telehealth tools assist them with keeping a better work/life balance. For instance, it is normal for doctors to be hesitant to get away or travel on business. Telemedicine decreases this tension on the grounds that a video visit can be led from anyplace. Doctors who use it can go a long way from home, certain that they can in any case give patient consideration if necessary.

5- You’ll see a Rapid Decrease in No-Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

When patients opt out at the very last minute, the doctor, the staff, and the clinic is left hanging. Time is consumed, efforts are wasted. This disappointment can be relieved with the assistance of telemedicine by taking out large numbers of the components that cause them. Transportation issues, physical presence at work, and absence of admittance to kid care don't make any difference for a video visit. Some in-person visits can even be changed to distant ones if something comes up without a second to spare that keeps the patient from coming to the workplace.

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5 Benefits of Telemedicine Appointment for Clinics
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