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10 Smart Ways to Use Meddy

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Looking for the perfect doctor in Qatar can be tough, they may not speak your language or even understand when you ask for a specific treatment, but Meddy is here to help you find the best doctor to match your needs. Here are 10 smart ways to use Meddy to locate your perfect doctor!  

1. Click on the most popular specialties

Meddy 's most popular specialties on the home page

Right below the drop-down button menu, there are illustration of the most popular specialties this month. These illustrations change on a monthly basis, usually, but can sometimes shift positions on a weekly basis as well. These illustrations show the most popular specialties, as well as the most popular doctors in that specific specialty. When you’re looking for the best doctors, you need to know who’s more popular now and the easiest way to find out is through Meddy. Clicking on the illustration would take you directly to the listings page where you can find your favorite doctor.


2. Use Filters

meddy filters on the left side of listings page

Now that you’re on the listings page and can see all the doctors, it is time to focus on the what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for a French speaking Dentist in Abu Hamour? Or are you looking for a strictly Arabic speaking Gynecologist specializing in fertility? The filters on the left side of the listings can help you find the exact doctor you are looking for, from language spoken, to gender, to country of education, and even clinic and area of residence, Meddy has doctors from all over Qatar, just a click away!


3. View Clinic Information

meddy elite medical center page

Many people know of specific clinics that they have gone to or heard of before. At Meddy, clinic information is essential. A few of the most popular clinics appear on the right side of the listings to help you find the best ones. If you click on the clinic information you will get a lot more information on it including all the specialties, doctors, location, and pictures from that specific clinic. This also includes links to articles about the clinics or doctors in the clinic as well. Clinic information is also available on the doctor profiles right below their qualifications.


4. Read the top 5 doctors’ reviews

Top 5 doctors on meddy

Now that you are considering visiting the doctors, you must choose which one is right for you. The top-rated doctors are obviously the highest ranked on their specialty listings page. If you want the best dermatologist or the best urologist, then the best would probably be among the top 5. There is no point wasting your time going through all the pages of the specialty to find the “best” doctor, when he/she is right in front of you when you look up the specialty. The higher the doctor is in ranking the more reviews he/she has, so why not open up the profile and read some of those reviews before making your decision?


5. Remove all filters and check out Qatar’s top doctors 

top doctors in qatar dentists orthopedist internal medicine on meddy

If you’re not looking to find a specific doctor right now, then remove all the filters that you looked at and just see the top-rated doctors across the entire site. You would be surprised to see that some of your favorites are really up there and that some may be doing much better than others. This can give you an idea as to what doctor you would go to once you need to. Meddy is available to help you and even if you don’t find what you were looking for, our live chat has real people helping you find the best doctors at any time!


6. Check out the doctor’s treatments

dr shireen dermatologist in qatar on meddy treatments

Understanding what the doctor does can help you make a better decision about which is more suitable for you. Not all doctors in a specific specialty offer the same treatments, some doctors may be better at specific treatments than others and treatment options may not be available in specific clinics. All this information is provided on the doctor profile under the headline treatment. Each doctor is a specialist in a field of his/her own. Reading through the list of treatments can help you choose the right doctor for you. The live chat on Meddy can also help you, all doctors offer a lot more information that might not be on their profile. Ensure you have all the information you need before booking your appointment.


7. Click the Insurance Information button

insurance information for doctors in qatar on meddy

Insurance has become an increasingly important component for choosing the right medical and health providers in Qatar. All clinics accept specific insurance providers. However, it is up to you to know your insurance and what it covers. Once you know that information, you can click on the insurance information button and see whether or not that doctor or clinic can accept your insurance. If insurance is not an issue, then all doctors and clinics can help you by providing their pricing information prior to consultation with the doctor you chose. Meddy is here to help you with finding the best doctor for you and what you can afford as well!


8. Book Now button

book now with qatar's best doctors dermatologist on meddy

Clicking on the book now button doesn’t mean that you made a booking. The clinic or doctor needs to know your full information to help make the booking for you. Meddy does its best to make it easy for you to book appointments with your doctors without using your information to spam you with marketing material. Click on that book now button to make sure that you book your preferred doctor and make sure that you complete all the correct information – help us, help you!


9. Confirm Booking Now button

booking confirmed on meddy to best dermatologist in qatar

This is the most essential part of your whole experience on Meddy. Once you put in all your correct information, you must must must click on the most important button and confirm your appointment. Once you do that, you will be directed to a different page confirming your appointment fully with the doctor that you chose. If it does not re-direct you to that confirmation page, wait a few minutes before attempting to refresh the page or making a booking again. You might be facing some technical issues. If you are, contact us through the live chat and we will help you book with your doctor!


10. Open it on your phone and navigate using Google Maps

google maps to doctors in qatar using meddy

Now that you made your booking and received a call to confirm it, you can now open the clinic profile on your phone and navigate to your clinic or doctor through google map. All the locations are accurate and we will be right with you on the live chat to assist you if you have any other issues.


We hope that this article helps you in finding the best doctors and understanding how to use Meddy. We wish you good health and ultimate blessings. For more about Meddy uses and any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the live chat! We are here for you!



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